Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's up with OvWatch?

So, much to my surprise, I awoke on CD 12 to my OVWatch alerting me that my fertile period has begun! Seriously?

I am wondering if this can possibly be correct. I am excited to think it might be! If OvWatch is correct, that means I am expected to ovulate between CD 16-17! Could I seriously be approaching a cycle with on average normal ovulation time!??!?

I have been asked before: which do you hate more, Bellesaur, the weeks before O or the 2 WW? I must say it is the weeks before O, since I am still adjusting to life without BCP. I am still never certain as to when I will O, and I am anxious to get my timing right! As far as the 2 WW, I have come to just accept AF is coming, so no anxiety there.

Well, wish me luck! I think Mr. Bellesaur and I are going to try the every other day approach again, and see what happens.


  1. Every other day works for us, I hope it works for you! I've never seen this OvWatch thing... what does it do? Does it take your temp for you every morning? Sooooo intriguing.

  2. Yes, and detects fertility through salt changes in your sweat! We'll see how it works!