Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Bed Diaster

A few weeks ago my DH was home from work over the weekend so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to set the crib up. (Notice that thought is in italics!) DS was 18 months when we switched him from crib to toddler bed... we will wait till 2 years with this new baby! DS developed a bad habit of crawling out of bed and into ours when the rail came down and we still struggle with this on almost a nightly basis.

The crib is very functional for a small room which is great because that is what we have. The changing table is built on the end of the bed with a set of 3 drawers underneath and on the backside of the drawers are 3 shelves. There is also a rolling "floor drawer" that fits under the bed... lots of storage.

In order to keep things simple, we left the changing table assembled so that all we would need to do is piece the crib back together and reattach it to the changing table. It'd been almost two years since we had messed with the crib but since we'd assembled and disassembled it so many times (because of moving into our home when DS was 3 months), we thought it'd be a breeze... WRONG!

My DH, like most men, has it in his head that instructions manuals are really unnecessary. I pushed the envelope when it came to reassembly simply because I wanted it done right the first time. And since I was getting the impression that he'd rather be watching a football game than putting the crib up, I took it upon myself to read the manual out loud to him!

We work really well together, normally! We have great chemistry and often know what the other is thinking before he/she even thinks it. This project, however, was a little different! What should have taken maybe 20 minutes, took over an hour! And, it's still not entirely put together! The front rail is still sitting on the floor next to the bed because the screws are missing. What a disaster!

With 9 weeks left before Baby arrives we have plenty of time to get the crib up and ready but it's a good thing we started when we did or DH would probably be in some pretty hot water!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

27 weeks!

Today I am 27 weeks. I´m amazed how the time has flown--I mean where did the last week go? I´m not even really working anymore. I work 2-4 hours a week and that´s it. It´s almost not work, and I am enjoying it. I can´t say that I have been terribly productive, because I haven´t. I have lots of projects that are half-finished. I mean I need to clean out the nursery completely and finish up those burp clothes, going home dress. I can say that I have washed and put away all the clothes that Miss Lillysaur has already gotten. I´m waiting for my mother to send the things she got at my shower. I´m also waiting for her to send the diapers I ordered. Fortunately mom was kind enough to do all the washing for me so I don´t have to do it whenever the package(s) come(s). It might be a bit before Grandmother Lillysaur gets around to sending the things, though. Grandfather Lillysaur is in the hospital recovering from open-heart surgery, so she has other things on her mind. And I don´t blame her one bit. I just want Grandfather Lillysaur to get well soon so he can come see his newest grandchild.

So ups: Miss Lillysaur is kicking, punching, boxing up a storm. She´s keeping me awake a lot at night now. Not sure if that´s really an up, but it´s nice to know that she is doing well.

Downs: My tailbone. Oh my aching tailbone. I broke my tailbone as a teenager and it wasn´t terribly much fun. Now my dear tailbone feels about like it did back then...only this time I am not too vain to sit on one of those donut cushions. I plan on getting the ob/gyn to give me a prescription for one at my appt. on Monday. I´m also hoping she´ll have some other suggestions about what to do.

Weight gain: I have no idea, nor do I even want to know at this point.

Belly button: Oh, it´s going to be an outie, I can tell. Some days it is, and some days it´s mostly in, though I´m not sure in is the right word.

Maternity clothes: Oh heavens yes. I don´t think I could wear anything else at this point. A couple of the things I have are even getting too small...I really was hoping not to buy anymore things to wear, but I may not have a choice in that I see.

How big is baby: I don´t really know, but I`m guessing she must be over a kilo now, but I´m sure the ob/gyn will give me the latest measurements on Monday along with how the blood is flowing to the baby....

Cravings: Peanut Butter Pie. I made some for Mr. Lillysaur´s b-day and had some for breakfast this morning. I still love, love, love eating potatos. Yes, potatos. Nomm.

The TTC Swag

Trying to conceive is expensive.

At least it is if you are a control freak (just a little bit!) like me and must know what is going on at all times. Each month something new has been added to the regime.

The first month was the digital thermometer. I bought this months ago, but I believe it was 12 euro. I’ve joined Fertility Friend to track the temps, but so far I have resisted on splurging for the VIP membership.

Next up was the ovulation predictor kits. I know they have some of the simple strips which are cheaper, but after looking at samples of these online, I have a really hard time reading the lines. In an effort to take the guess work out of it, I buy the digital ones that produce a little smiley face. The amount of joy I get out of seeing that smiley face is ridiculous. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel if I get a positive pregnancy test! Unfortunately, the smiley face comes at a price. A box of 7 is 32 euro. Ouch.

This month we are adding Conceive Plus into the mix. Apparently this is the same thing as Pre-Seed, which is (from what I’ve found) only available online here in Ireland. The nice thing about the Conceive Plus is that it’s just a tube; it’s not separate application packets like the Pre-Seed. It will be nice if we get more than six uses out of the tube. The price is about the same – just under 18 euro. Double ouch.

Then of course are the pregnancy tests. I TRY to hold off as long as I can, but POAS is really addictive! I’ve also discovered that nothing will start your period faster than POAS. Depending on the brand, two tests run about 15 euro.

And of course there are the vitamins. I take EPO (pre-ovulation), B6, B complex, and folic acid. The price of these aren’t TOO bad with the EPO being the most expensive. The pharmacy does a 3 for 2 deal which is great.

All in all, this means I spend on average 50 euro a month on all this stuff. Yikes! It wouldn’t be so bad, but TTC swag isn’t nearly as cute as baby swag. I’d rather be buying baby swag!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello from a new Saur!

My introduction to this lovely world of TTC is going to be a brief one! I'm not keeping anything from you, it's just that we just started actively trying in May! My husband and I were married when in April 2009 when I was 34 (he was 32). Cougar! Okay, not really. Well, now I'm 35 and we're into our 4th month of trying. We have no reason to believe we shouldn't be successful in this journey, but I'm too old and jaded to think it would happen in the first month (or even 6 months) of trying.

Fortunately, we're still in the enjoyable stage of all of this. We can both still laugh when I tell him about how we're going to schedule 'the sex' for this month. :-)

So we're hoping with the help of temping, OPKs, exercise, and vitamins that it won't be too long until we get a BFP!

Oh, and we like to think we have the luck of the Irish on our side. ;-)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Smelly Mama

It's an exciting day for two reasons...

  1. I am 30 weeks today!
  2. We finally settled on a name for "Baby" this morning!
It's hard to believe that in 10 weeks we will be meeting the newest member of our family! And let's hope it's in the next ten weeks!!! Alright, I know I promised to quit complaining but I have had a miserable week!

Remember a few weeks ago when I was complaining about my stiff neck? YAH... I still have it! AND, to add to the discomfort, I now have a hand, wrist, forearm and elbow that gets more sleep than I do! I finally called the Dr. after a really rough night a few days ago. She assured me that I wasn't having a stroke, and that more than likely my symptoms were being caused by pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. YAY ME!

Has anyone else ever had to deal with this? Is there anything I can do to get some relief? It's not too bad during the day, I can at least tolerate it. But at night, it's a whole different ballgame! I have resorted to sleeping on the couch since that's the only spot that I can get any solid rest in.

I've been taking Tyelnol when it gets so bad that I can't stand it any longer and of course I continue to slather the BenGay on my neck at about 4 every morning. Funny story! A friend and I took our kiddos to the pool last week. We'd been in the water awhile when my friend looks at me and says, "Do you smell chewing tobacco?" I had, but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. We finally decided that it must be a group of high school guys that had made their way over to the little kids pool. All of the sudden it came to me that it was not the high school boys... IT WAS ME & MY BENGAY! How sad is that?! My own DH can't stand the smell of me any longer!
Typing hasn't been too bad, I just quit if it gets too painful but driving is the absolute worst! I've been doing some research and have read numerous times that this isn't going to go away until after the baby's born... that's going to make the next 10 weeks seem like an eternity! I would love to hear from anyone out there about experiences that they've had with this!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where did the time go?

I looked at my ticker on a message board this morning and realized that I am now in the double digits--only 98 days to go! At least I think I mean (!) but maybe not--I mean where did the time go? I planned to make all sorts of interesting posts about my pregnancy, fill you gals in on the good the bad and the ugly, I had a post planned (in my head) for when I reached 24 weeks, but I was in some sort of haze and forgot.

I feel sort of like I´ve cheated myself and my child by not being more diligent and writing down the important things. Some day my little girl might ask me "when did you feel/have _______ ?" or "How much ___________?" No clue. All I can say is that I´ve finally put on some weight. Rather suddenly actually. Like three pounds in 10 days....holly cow how did that happen? Like I said, no idea.

The ups: Baby girl has really been getting stronger and a lot more active. I enjoy feeling her kick and punch and twist and turn, and maybe even have the hiccups, though I´m not entirely sure that´s what it was. Sometimes it´s even down right uncomfortable when she kicks. She likes to protest certain sleeping positions of mine...ahhh my right side, how I would love to sleep on you, but someone isn´t to keen on that.

She´s growing. She´s growing and that is marvelous, wonderful news to her mommy. The doctor estimated her at about 900 grams last week. I´m very thankful for that because it means things are ok. She´s in about the 45-50 percentile for everything. She´s not big and she´s not little. That´s quite ok with her mommy.

The downs: The perinatlogist discovered that the bloodflow to the uterus on my right side isn´t good. I have something called notching. It means there is resistence in the artery and not as much blood can flow to the uterus and then to the placenta. The left side is good, but the right side not so much. I´m at risk for developing pre-eclampsia and HELP syndrome, and the baby is at risk for IUGR (growth retardation) but right now my blood pressure is good and baby is growing. I´ll take that. It means that I must continue me heparin shots and be closely monitored. I have another appt. with the perinatologist the beginning of september for her to check again. In the mean time, I´ve finally hit a wall with the heparin shots. In the beginning it wasn´t bad and I didn´t mind too much, but now I´ve started to dread it. I can´t really find a good place to do them anymore. My belly is growing and stretching and taking all the skin with much for finding a fold of skin to pinch! My thigh....I tried it once and it was unbearable. So for the moment I search for a place that might work on my hips or near my belly and go for it...

The TMI´s: My breasts are really getting ready for the whole BF thing. My nipples are changing color, shape, size...and more. Yes, I think I leak a bit now and then. I even pee on myself if I´m not careful. A word from the wiser, DO YOUR KEGELS. Really. It´s not fun to pass gas and accidentaly pee on yourself at the same time, really.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cycle #11 TTC#3 CD9 -OPK

This post title feels like a stock market ticker. Totally unreadable unless you're party of the elite group of stockholders. But since you're at Pregosaur, you are :)

So yep. CD9.Negatove OPK. No shock. I do however have a light line already:
I took 50mg Clomid Cd5-9 this month hoping for a good O with some nice mature follicles. So I'm really hoping that I get a nice strong O on the left side so my lonely tube brings that beautiful eggie to meet it's future.

Come on baby... I'm waiting for you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The State That I'm In @ 29 Weeks

I feel like I've been doing a lot of complaining the past couple of weeks! Instead of dwelling on everything from the heat, to the irritable uterus, the stiff neck, to the bleeding gums, the growing pains and the lack of sleep at night, I need to keep in mind the little prize at the end... our baby boy!

It took a long time to be in this state that I'm in, and I am so thankful for it. And honestly, it could be so much worse! When I stop and think about it, I've only got 11 more weeks of being uncomfortable and that doesn't even compare to the year and a half of trying that it took for us to get here.

So from here on out, I promise to do better about being positive about this little miracle of a full term pregnancy! And I started that positive outlook w/ a few new "belly shots" (from earlier this morning). I'm not excited about having people see my bare belly but I know in a few years I'll look back and be thankful for having taken them. (The only "belly shots" I have from my first pregnancy were taken a few days before DS arrived and I now wish I had more to share w/ him.)

So as I head out this afternoon to do my daily chores in this horrible heat, I will remember a year ago at this time when I felt so sad about not being in this special state that I'm in!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

what a crazy week!!

I feel like I belong in Alice in Wonderland.. "we're all a little mad here.."

I have had strange little lines pop up on IC tests since 8 dpo, but nothing I'm positive about.

FRERs and Answer Earlys do not agree with the ICs.

Fertility Friend keeps moving my O date so I'm 9dpo/10 dpo/9dpo/11dpo... **sigh**

I have officially banned myself from testing until I agree with FF that I am 13 dpo. and even then, only with an IC. If I agree with the line I MIGHT dip the FRER... MAYBE.. I might wait another day even then.

I think my mental facilities have had it with this week. I had a breakdown today and cried in my coffee. This is my 10th cycle TTC, and though I know that is short compared to what some people go through, it is almost more than I can handle.

I hope the rollercoaster is over soon......

What a Pain in the Neck

At 28 weeks I have woken up everyday with the most horrible sore neck! BenGay is my best friend right now! During the day, luckily, the pain isn't too bad. I can at least tolerate it but at night and right away every morning, I have been more than miserable! For the first few days I kept telling myself that it would go away... it's been OVER a WEEK!!! Is it ever going to go away?!

I have tried switching pillows, changing positions while sleeping and various different forms of support for my legs, back and neck during the night. Nothing seems to help! At what point do I call my Dr.? I need my sleep and sitting up, nursing a stiff neck is not my idea of rest!

I have a feeling that all of this "taking it easy" stuff has caused my pain in the neck. I haven't been able to be nearly as active and avoiding the great outdoors right now is critical since we are experiencing triple digit heat, daily! Has anyone else experienced this type of horror?! What should I do?