Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Day, Another Diagnosis

You know, I'm glad we decided "not to care" anymore and have been TTC this cycle. This whole shoulder thing is never going to end, that's honestly what I feel today. Mostly because no one can decide what it is that's actually wrong with my shoulder. Here's a run down:

February: Injury happens, first doctor assumes it's a pulled muscle, I'll be OK in a few days.
March: Mobility and pain continue. Second doctor think it's a torn rotator cuff. MRI ordered.
April: MRI inconclusive. Angeogram (sp?) ordered.
May: Angeogram negative for a tear. Second doctor now thinks it's Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
Later in May: Physical therapist things it's not AC, she thinks it's an issue with my boob (OK, the muscle just above my boob, but my boob is definitely involved!)
Today: Third doctor tells me it's this:

I guess there's a bone, and then there's a muscle. The bone is mean and keeps beating up on the muscle. The solutions? REMOVE THE FREAKIN' BONE!!! I kid you not. He actually suggested surgery where they would remove part of my bone. Crap.

So what does this mean? Well... it may mean I'll be out of work for a while because we tried our best this month. Baby= no surgery. And I could really care less. I'll take a baby over a recovery any day. Though, to be honest, we didn't decide to go forward until I was told that surgery was almost for sure off the table and I would like to regain the use of my shoulder someday. But I've gone this long without it. If it means I'll have a baby, I can go the rest of my life without it.

But in the event we are not KU this cycle I will go ahead with cortisone shots and see how that works. The surgery will be a last attempt sort of thing. So if we are not successful this month I will be taking at least a cycle off while I try out the cortisone shots. I'm sad about that since I am REALLY enjoying TTC *wink*, but I know it's what will be best for my family and we will get back to TTC soon enough.


  1. Ouch! How frustrating that they are so unsure. My mom is a certified Rolfer and helps people with shoulder injuries and frozen shoulder all of the time. Even those who have had multiple surgeries to no avail. Perhaps you can find one in your area to work on you and see if it helps? They're sort of like chiropractors except they adjust your fascia and ligaments, not the bones. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like you've got a great attitude about it all, which always helps! That being said, I really hope this cycle is the one for you!!!

  3. Hi. I've only just started reading this blog, but I am an athletic trainer and also work in a physical therapy clinic and just finished my thesis on shoulder impingement 2 months ago.

    While I don't know your entire situation, I can tell you that there is no way an acromioplasty should be the first step in treating this. I know you've been dealing with this for a long time, but if that is THE diagnosis finally after all this time, it hasn't been treated specifically with more conservative methods. You've done some PT, but it hasn't been specific for shoulder impingement.

    I would try a physical therapy clinic that is more sports medicine oriented first and/or get a second opinion on whether surgery is the right thing to do before anything else.

    :stepping off soapbox now:

    Sorry. Good luck!