Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two days down...four to go

Well, it's been two days since I stopped temping. Two long, agonizing days...

Just kidding. Actually, it hasn't been that bad now that I've overcome the initial "OMGWTFBBQ! Why in the name of little green apples did I tell Mr Bibliosaur to hide my thermometer?!?"

Truthfully though, yesterday was pretty hard (geez, listen to me - I sound like a crack addict). I kept looking at my chart and thinking, "Eeeeek! Temp gap! What should be there? I need to KNOW!" It's better now that it's been a couple days, and I assume will only get easier as the week progresses, since this late in the game, any temps I entered would be somewhat pointless after a few days of no temping.

I'm still recording symptoms, but I haven't decided if I'm going to wean myself off that as well.

They've increased in the last couple of days, but as we all know, 95% of pregnancy symptoms can be attributed to an impending visit from Aunt Flo as well, so I'm trying not to read too much into them and just record them as honestly as I can.*

Two days down. Four to go. Wish me luck!

*Honestly = if I wasn't TTC, would I notice this as an unusual feeling or disregard it? If I'd genuinely notice it as feeling different than usual, I tick the box. If I'd normally disregard it, then it doesn't get charted.


  1. Those symptoms are the devil since they decide your PG points on VIP! GL!

  2. Good luck over the next 4 days. After I made the decision to stop temping I felt a HUGE amount of relief. It was better for my sanity. I hope that it helps you out during the 2ww!

  3. Good luck! Are you testing on Saturday? Ooh, I cannot wait! I didn't chart my temps the last week of my 2WW and got my BFP! So my fingers are crossed for you. Symptoms are looking pretty good.