Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hi, it´s me Lillysaur

I´m excited to be joining this blog, but before I start blogging just a few stats:

Lillysaur: thirty-something

Mr Lillysaur:thirty-something

TTC since 09/2007 (have lost track of total number of cycles)

Miscarriages: 3-4 (what, don´t you know? Yes, I know how many times I saw a positive, but the
doctor decided not to count one of them because the test wasn´t positive for here anymore…)

Cycles Charted: 10 (in celcius)

Drugs: 100mg Aspirin, and heparin after pg confirmed with ultrasound

Testing done: kareotype for me &DH, clotting disorders, immune disorders, hormones, etc.

What next: SA for DH and penetration test

After my last miscarriage on Christmas Eve 2008 we are ready to try, try again. The RE informed me today that there is “nothing wrong” with the Lillysaur. In fact, Lillysaur´s hormone levels were just fine, even great. However Lillysaur´s estrogen level was so high that it appears that there are two follicles this cycle. I only remember seeing one huge one measuring 22 or 23mm at my ultrasound last week with the RE, but if he says so, then he says so. I´m somewhat confused, but what´s new!
After my three minutes with the RE this morning I was instructed to a) come back next cycle on CD13 with the DH to do a SA and a penetration test using my CM (thank goodness he has decided not to do a post-coital test) and b) come in as soon as I see that my temps are staying up so I can start progesterone if needed. He didn´t even ask to see my chart this time. I was somewhat relieved not to have to explain that no, I have not started taking my temps vaginally. There is always next cycle for that. Somehow the thought of making love to the thermometer every morning does not appeal to me.
Now I sit here in the 2ww at 5dpo wondering if I have a shot at having twins….My sister has twins.
I´m wondering if that huge temp drop this morning means anything…Only 10 more days till testing!


  1. Welcome to the blog! Good luck!

  2. Welcome Lily! You were such an amazing help and support to me with my m/c and I'm so glad you are joining us here.

    Tons of baby dust and sticky baby cement for you this cycle!!!

  3. Welcome! Glad to have you with us!