Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Out... And Out... And Out...

Well, AF came a couple of days ago. I am VERY happy to announce that she came after giving me a full 13 day Luteal Phase, so no LPD issues there. I'm going to keep taking the Vitex and B6 for another month and then go off of it and see what happens.

So I am out this cycle. And I'm also out next cycle because I'm scheduled to get a cortisone shot on the 8th which is 6 days after I'm scheduled to ovulate. And I don't want to hold out for another month because of bad timing on my part so we are going to TTA this month.

Then I'm out for another cycle because there's this thing you need to do in order to get pregnant. There are a lot of names for it: BD, FWP, sex, etc. Whatever you call it, it requires two people to do. And in July we're going to have some issues with that because I am going out of town to visit family in July/August, and will be gone for about 9 days before scheduled O day and 4 days after. So the soonest I will get back on the horse (bwhahaha!) will be for my August cycle. Which will then depend on how well the cortisone shot is working and if my doctor will officially take surgery off the table.

So that's my update! Sorry it's not more excited like happy girl squealing and a BFP. But it's good, I can get things moving along with my shoulder and then be 100% ready to go when the time comes. And I'm still planning to resume my preperations by reading my books, learning everything I can about everything baby related before I get PG, etc. So I should still have somethings to contribute. I've been working on some book reviews that I'll share with you when I finish reading them. :)

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