Monday, June 22, 2009

It's a well known fact...

...that if you stare at your chart long enough (about 50 obsessive checks per day should do it), eventually it will become textbook perfect, all of the rest of your temps will magically fill in until the end of the cycle, and you’ll see a BFP awaiting you like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Remember my decision not to chart potential symptoms this time around? I think I like it better than not charting temps.

Or maybe that’s just what I wish as I compulsively check my chart for the 37th time today, giving the stink eye to the wonky CM, ugly erratic temps and testing time that’s still eight days away.

*le sigh*


  1. I totally feel ya. I thought it was just me. I stared at my chart 50 times a day for 46 days until I finally got cross hairs.

    Sending you lots of baby dust! And hoping you test a little earlier than 8 days from now because I'm dying to know, too!

  2. Hoping this is the oen for you, Bibliosaur! I can feel your frustration... Huge hugs and lots of baby dust to you!

  3. I really hope this is the cycle for your you too Bibliosaur! My fingers are crossed and I'm sending you tons of baby dust!