Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting Ready for Baby Brother

Today I am 36 weeks!!! DS and I have been super busy getting ready for "Baby Brother". I read somewhere that it is important to involve an older sibling w/ the preparations to make them feel as though they are a big part of getting ready for baby.

Each week, for the past two weeks, we have been doing things around the house (one day a week) to get ourselves prepared. Two weeks ago, we went through some of the crib toys we had when DS was a baby. Together we picked a few things out to wash and put new batteries in for "Baby Brother" to use. It was fun showing DS his old mobile, he asked to listen to the music the mobile plays when he went to bed that first night.

Last week we cleaned up the car seat by washing the liner and bleaching the seat and base. DS helped me take the liner out and put it back in after everything had dried. We then took apart the Diaper Genie and bleached it. I realized at that point that there are a few supplies that I need to run out and get in the next few weeks, like Diaper Genie liners and diapers!

We will be packing the diaper bag today and making a list of all of those supplies one needs when preparing to bring home baby number 2. I look forward to showing DS the outfit we brought him home from the hospital in and having him help me pick an outfit for "Baby Brother".

In the next 4 weeks (or so), we will pack Mommy's hospital bag and DS's overnight bag for Grandma & Grandpa's house. We will order the crib bedding and wash it up and put it in the crib, put the car seat in the car, set up the bassinet and shop for a gift for DS to give to the baby. Mommy will shop for those supplies I mentioned above as well as a few other things we need and for a gift from "Baby Brother" to "Big Brother" DS!

There's so much left to do in so little time! On top of all of the busy work to get ready for baby, there's also the matter of celebrating DS's 4th birthday next week. Everyone keeps asking if I'm ready and my answer is always "YES!", but after writing this post, I'm not sure I really am as ready as I thought!

What am I forgetting? I'd love to hear from all the second time Moms out there about the things they stocked up on before bringing home baby #2!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Crazy temps!

I'm on CD10 and so far my temps have been crazy! I take my temp at 6am each morning. For the past 5 months my temps for these first 14 days or so would hover around 36 degrees C (+/-). This month, they're hovering around 37 degrees C. During my period I think I was running a low grade fever as I was not feeling well (nausea and diarrhea) and my temp got up to 37.6. But now, I feel okay and they're still running at 37 (which is the same as 98.6 degrees F). The funny thing is, for the past few nights I've taken my temperature right before I go to bed and it's been back down around 36. What gives? I would think my temps right before bed would be higher than my BBT. My digital thermometer is 6 months old and I use it at least once per day. Is that their lifespan? Should I get a new one?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breast is Best... Right?!

I'm 34 weeks today and I'm exhausted! I haven't been sleeping well (during the night that is). Naptime seems to be the only restful sleep I can get and unfortunately since DS doesn't nap... I am limited to a catnap after dinner when DH is home.

I find myself awake almost every night at 3 or 4 am researching breastfeeding online. I am trying to do everything in my power to have a positive result with nursing this time. My first experience didn't quite go the way I had planned so this time I am educating myself as much as possible.

I had planned on taking a class but found out last week that the only one offered before
"Baby"comes has been canceled. I have spoke to two women over the phone now who have answered a slue of questions regarding my upcoming challenge. They have given me more insight then I could have possibly imagined and I wish now that I had taken more imitative to get this kind of information before going down that dreaded road with DS!

You see, like most first-time moms, I had it in my head that nursing was going to be so natural and often wondered why more women chose the bottle over the breast. Why would one even consider spending $25 a can on formula when you can supply your baby w/ all he/she needs for free? I obviously had watched way too many Baby Stories on TLC because when it came time to nurse DS, I failed miserably!

I remember thinking that when DS was born, that the Dr. would place him on my chest and he'd latch himself on and take right off... right?! WRONG! After four and a half hours of pushing and with the help of forceps, DS came bouncing into the world. But instead of the Dr. placing him on my chest, they held him up for me to see and placed him on the baby "hot plate" to check him all over. By the time I was able to hold him I was so busy looking at him and watching as our families passed him around the delivery room, that I didn't even think about trying to nurse.

Two hours later, as I was being prepped to move to postpartum I had to ask the nurse, "Should I try breastfeeding him now?" She replied that it'd be a good idea so I tried with all my might to get him to latch on not knowing what the hell I was doing! I was in such a euphoric state and so exhausted I think I actually thought I had gotten him fed since he'd drifted off to sleep.

DH and I had made the choice to have him brought into the room during the night only when he needed to be fed or changed. At midnight the nurse rolled him in and said she'd be back a little later to take him back to the nursery. DH fetched him from the rolly cart and placed him in my arms. I did what I'd seen so many times on Baby Story and again thought I was doing everything right.

The next morning after a very long night I asked for some help from the lactation consultant. She was very helpful and had some really good advice but I just remember thinking this is not something I should have to ask for help with. When she left the room I cried to DH telling him how I felt like a failure for not being able to successfully nurse our newborn son. I didn't' give up though, I wanted to, but I kept on trying for the first 3 or 4 weeks.

My mother-in-law went out and bought me a breast pump the first day we were home. I tried it out and didn't get much milk, no surprise, my milk hadn't even come in yet. I continued trying day after day, night after night to nurse DS but felt he wasn't ever satisfied. At his first appointment after delivery they had me start supplementing because he'd lost so many ounces. The formula would leave him feeling full and the weight was put back on fast so I felt relieved for the first time since bringing him home. No one told me about a little thing called nipple confusion and every time I tried to nurse, he'd not have much of a response. After those first few weeks, I gave up!

This time I am going to try much harder! And while I know it doesn't work for everyone, I plan to do things differently in hopes of having a better experience! What advice can you give me to have that better experience?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 2ww is over....

and my body is totally rubbing my face in it! It's throwing every single PMS symptom my way: headache for 2 days, cramps, hot one minute, cold the next, nausea and diarrhea. Those last two are not common for me, so I'm not sure what's going on there. It could be slight food poisoning, but my husband hasn't felt unwell at all. I had a HUGE temperature spike yesterday morning (1 whole degree C) which was really unusual. My thermometer even beeped at me funny. I tossed and turned and I was awake most of the night, so it's probably not the most accurate reading. This morning it dropped slightly (but still not below the baseline) and FF reset me to a new cycle. My husband was away last night (thankfully allowing me to toss and turn to my heart's content), and I was trying to hold out taking a pregnancy test until he was back. But, the nausea was driving me insane and I just had to know. It was negative, of course, and my flow started in earnest today.

It's disappointing since we did everything right this cycle. I guess it's on to the next one! Now if I just had an apple to relieve this craving....

Adventures in pregnancy

I missed my 29 week update last week...I was off on a little pregnancy adventure. My adventure involved a trip to the ER and then three nights in the hospital. I woke up last Tuesday feeling rather uncomfortable. I told myself that it was probably just some gas that was trapped, or an uncomfortable bm. I started my day and limped along. Yes, really I limped along. I went to the bathroom a couple of times, and that didn´t seem to be the problem or do the trick. I ran a couple of errands and went to the grocery store. I discovered that lifting my shopping bag into the car was nearly impossible, and lifting my leg to get in the car...terribly painful. I drove home, fixed myself some lunch and lay down for a nap. I tried to move the baby or encourage her to move because I thought that might help. It didn´t. I got up from my nap and felt worse. The tears began to flow. I pondered my choices: a)do nothing b) call a neighbor to take me to the doctor/hospital c) drive myself to the hospital d) call the ER doctor to come make a house call.

I decided the simplest and least dramatic option would be to get in the car and drive the five minutes to the hospital nearby. I was glad that the trip there did not involve getting on any main roads, and that I was able to get a parking spot near the door. I went straight to the ER, told them I was 29 weeks pregnant and having abdominal pain. They wasted no time in sending me up to L&D to get checked out. I was put on monitor to check for contractions (there were none) and see the baby´s heartbeat (it was fine). Then i was given a very thorough scan and pelvic exam. Both turned up nothing. The very helpful midwife suggested that I was just hyper sensitive to things because of my "history" and said it was probably just RLP....The young resident decided maybe they should send me back to the ER to see a surgeon/internal medicine doc.

Back in the ER I was asked to give a urine sample and have blood drawn. I did and then I was finally able to see another doctor about an hour later...She was young and very nice and very cautious. She examined me and looked at the lab results and decided that it looked like an appendicitis even though I wasn´t running a fever or throwing up. My white blood count was elevated and the pain was indicative of the appendix. She got out a portable ultrasound machine and began to look for my appendix, which wasn´t to be found thanks to baby. She did find my kidneys...lo and behold my right kidney was much enlarged and urin seemed to be pooling there. Hmmmm. But my urine sample showed no signs of infection, so where was the infection coming from? The appendix? Something else? It was decided that I must stay the night in the surgical ward for observation. I was probably going to have surgery in the morning she said. No food and no drink for me...OMG, it´s now 9 at night and the last I had was lunch!! Well, I could have an IV, so an IV it was.

Fast forward about 9 hours. The doctors are doing their rounds. Nothing like waking up to a team of five doctors standing around your bed. "Where does it hurt" "Please show us the spot" "How long have you had this" "Are you sure you haven´t thrown up?" "hmmmm" "more labs please." An hour later the head doctor came to personally examine me. More hmmm. Then, no, it´s not the appendix. Maybe it´s something gynocological. Go back to the L&D ward.

Back in the L&D ward more ultrasound and more hmmm. Then the decision to send me to the radiologist for an ultrasound of my kidneys. More waiting and waiting. Then the radiologist. One look and she said "Oh, that´s a second degree kidney something or other." " Yes, they hurt. A lot sometimes." "Sleep on your left side" "get on your elbows and knees for 10 minutes twice a day" "This will go away after you give birth."

This will go away after I give birth....worst case scenario I have nearly three more months of this?! Uggg. Back to L&D. Two more nights under observation and then I was allowed to go home after promising to come back if I thought it was getting worse. I got a nice letter for my ob/gyn explaining the course of treatment or lack there of. Oh, and I´m now to take an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test to make sure that I´m not diabetic since that would be the double whammy for my poor kidney. I have an appt. for the OGTT next Wed. at 31weeks and I am not looking forward to it. Two hours of waiting before I can eat?! This momma likes her morning tea and breakfast, but what must be must be.

And that´s the end of the adventure. For now anyway. It was suggested that at some point in the next ten weeks I might need to visit a urologist...

Oh, and the stats: Baby was measured between 1200 and 1400 grams! She´s growing strong, and kicking, karate chopping like nobody´s business. I do believe I am giving birth to the next karate kid.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin

The Countdown to "Baby" arriving, that is! I am in the home stretch now with only 48 days to go till I reach my due date. And believe me people, I am ready!

Remember that little thing I mentioned in my last post about how I was hoping to steer clear of the cold DS had brought home from school?! Yah, two days later I spent an entire day on the couch because no amount of hand washing could keep me from getting the dreaded bug! Almost a week later, the symptoms haven't got much better. I have been taking Tylenol to now tolerate not only the stiff neck and carpal tunnel infested hand but also the aches and pains of the common cold. I see my Dr. again tomorrow so I will ask what she suggests I take to get me through the rest of this miserable state!

I have also been lucky enough to be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions again! My DH, DS and I raise steer calves. We had a death in our herd yesterday so I spent quite a bit of time outside w/ the "babies" cleaning out the stall our sick calf had been residing in. I was fine for awhile, until I decided to start preparing for the burial of the dead calf. I found that digging a hole wasn't going to work too well and luckily I had saved that part for last.

About that time DH came home from work. It's always better, I find, to keep some things from him. Especially if those things involve me overdoing it a tad bit! We went about our business as usual but he quickly caught on that I was uncomfortable. I told him that I thought maybe that "Baby" was sitting in the wrong spot and creating some pressure. He ordered me back inside to sit down and finished up with the help of DS.

Things went back to normal relatively quick after I sat down awhile, and I don't think I'll be doing anymore digging till after "Baby" makes his grand entrance! Seven more weeks or more of taking it easy isn't so bad, as long as there's not too much work to be done from here on out!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The dreaded 2WW!

So, I'm halfway through the 2ww, so there's nothing really interesting to report. According to FF we timed everything perfectly, so we shall see.

One thing interesting happened this weekend was when I was chatting with a friend. She was a nurse practitioner in women's health at a major university hospital in the US. I told her what I was doing and she said to save my money on the OPKs. Since I'm temping and have an idea when I ovulate (usually CD14, but anytime from CD13 to CD17) that we should have sex every other day between CD10 through CD20. This was the advice they would give to the women that would come to their clinic. I figure we'll give this a go if this 2ww results in a negative!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Empty Nest (for a little while)

The next 8 weeks are going to be tough! DS started preschool on Monday and I am starting to feel the affects of an empty nest! Good thing I have a special bundle arriving soon!

I saw my Dr. on Friday last week and everything looks good. I had my glucose tolerance test, it came back normal and I was given a prescription for a wrist splint to help w/ the carpal tunnel discomfort. Ugh! Not too wild about wearing the splint but it helps tremendously so it's worth it!

My neck is still really bothering me and sleeping hasn't gotten any easier. DS brought home a cold from school this week so I am washing hands like a maniac to try and stay healthy. A cold's the last thing I want or need right now!

Baby's been pretty active this week. We watched his little buns move from one side of my belly to the other a few nights ago. (That's the one thing I am going to miss about being pregnant after he's born!) DS has a classmate who's mommy just had a baby brother the other day. He was really excited to tell me all about his friend's new baby and has asked several times if our's is coming soon. I keep reassuring him that the next few weeks are going to fly... wish I could convince myself of that!

It's almost time to head out to pick up DS, he doesn't have school again till Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. Guess this nest won't feel so empty again for a few more days at least!