Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adventures in pregnancy

I missed my 29 week update last week...I was off on a little pregnancy adventure. My adventure involved a trip to the ER and then three nights in the hospital. I woke up last Tuesday feeling rather uncomfortable. I told myself that it was probably just some gas that was trapped, or an uncomfortable bm. I started my day and limped along. Yes, really I limped along. I went to the bathroom a couple of times, and that didn´t seem to be the problem or do the trick. I ran a couple of errands and went to the grocery store. I discovered that lifting my shopping bag into the car was nearly impossible, and lifting my leg to get in the car...terribly painful. I drove home, fixed myself some lunch and lay down for a nap. I tried to move the baby or encourage her to move because I thought that might help. It didn´t. I got up from my nap and felt worse. The tears began to flow. I pondered my choices: a)do nothing b) call a neighbor to take me to the doctor/hospital c) drive myself to the hospital d) call the ER doctor to come make a house call.

I decided the simplest and least dramatic option would be to get in the car and drive the five minutes to the hospital nearby. I was glad that the trip there did not involve getting on any main roads, and that I was able to get a parking spot near the door. I went straight to the ER, told them I was 29 weeks pregnant and having abdominal pain. They wasted no time in sending me up to L&D to get checked out. I was put on monitor to check for contractions (there were none) and see the baby´s heartbeat (it was fine). Then i was given a very thorough scan and pelvic exam. Both turned up nothing. The very helpful midwife suggested that I was just hyper sensitive to things because of my "history" and said it was probably just RLP....The young resident decided maybe they should send me back to the ER to see a surgeon/internal medicine doc.

Back in the ER I was asked to give a urine sample and have blood drawn. I did and then I was finally able to see another doctor about an hour later...She was young and very nice and very cautious. She examined me and looked at the lab results and decided that it looked like an appendicitis even though I wasn´t running a fever or throwing up. My white blood count was elevated and the pain was indicative of the appendix. She got out a portable ultrasound machine and began to look for my appendix, which wasn´t to be found thanks to baby. She did find my kidneys...lo and behold my right kidney was much enlarged and urin seemed to be pooling there. Hmmmm. But my urine sample showed no signs of infection, so where was the infection coming from? The appendix? Something else? It was decided that I must stay the night in the surgical ward for observation. I was probably going to have surgery in the morning she said. No food and no drink for me...OMG, it´s now 9 at night and the last I had was lunch!! Well, I could have an IV, so an IV it was.

Fast forward about 9 hours. The doctors are doing their rounds. Nothing like waking up to a team of five doctors standing around your bed. "Where does it hurt" "Please show us the spot" "How long have you had this" "Are you sure you haven´t thrown up?" "hmmmm" "more labs please." An hour later the head doctor came to personally examine me. More hmmm. Then, no, it´s not the appendix. Maybe it´s something gynocological. Go back to the L&D ward.

Back in the L&D ward more ultrasound and more hmmm. Then the decision to send me to the radiologist for an ultrasound of my kidneys. More waiting and waiting. Then the radiologist. One look and she said "Oh, that´s a second degree kidney something or other." " Yes, they hurt. A lot sometimes." "Sleep on your left side" "get on your elbows and knees for 10 minutes twice a day" "This will go away after you give birth."

This will go away after I give birth....worst case scenario I have nearly three more months of this?! Uggg. Back to L&D. Two more nights under observation and then I was allowed to go home after promising to come back if I thought it was getting worse. I got a nice letter for my ob/gyn explaining the course of treatment or lack there of. Oh, and I´m now to take an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test to make sure that I´m not diabetic since that would be the double whammy for my poor kidney. I have an appt. for the OGTT next Wed. at 31weeks and I am not looking forward to it. Two hours of waiting before I can eat?! This momma likes her morning tea and breakfast, but what must be must be.

And that´s the end of the adventure. For now anyway. It was suggested that at some point in the next ten weeks I might need to visit a urologist...

Oh, and the stats: Baby was measured between 1200 and 1400 grams! She´s growing strong, and kicking, karate chopping like nobody´s business. I do believe I am giving birth to the next karate kid.

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