Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still waiting

So now I am in complete emotional state, I am waiting for my period in order to go in to get some tests done with my fertility doctor, but my period isn't here yet. Of course when we were "trying" this month I kept thinking how great would it be to not have to go through all the fertility treatments (only because we already did it once- well twice) and at one point I had a pinkish discharge (I told my hubby that night that it was from implantation:)). Now here we are 5 days after I should have gotten my period with nothing. I did take a pregnancy test yesterday, but it was negative. My hubby told me I just need to relax and wait, easier said than done. I've been feeling nauseous in the morning but that could be psychological, right? and still we wait...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The testing has begun

Since it has been more than a year we started further testing. The Mr. went in for a semen analysis and the results came back good! We are thankful for that!

This week I'll go in for an HSG, which a test where they inject dye into the uterus to see if there is any blockage. From here we'll discuss the next plan of attack.

I didn't think we'd get to this point, yet here we are. Still hoping, and dreaming and working hard to get a family of our own.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

First of many tests

Our fertility doctor wanted us to have some routine tests done before we proceed with fertility treatments. The first was the semen analysis (I can't do my tests until after I get my next period), but hubby went in and we patiently waited for the results. After about 5 days the results were in our online portal and the results were not what we were hoping and praying for. The first time around my husband's sperm tested low for motility and morphology and here we were 2 years later with the same results, low motility and morphology. I was saddened, I guess I was hoping and praying there would be some miraculous change and his sperm would be better and we could proceed to IUI instead of the more evasive IVF. I was crushed, but there is nothing to do but move forward. IVF allowed us to become parents to our sweet brown-eyed girl and we are now looking at doing the same thing again. And now we wait again for my period, which I have been praying wouldn't come:) because then we wouldn't have to go through all this again. So we wait again.