Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still waiting

So now I am in complete emotional state, I am waiting for my period in order to go in to get some tests done with my fertility doctor, but my period isn't here yet. Of course when we were "trying" this month I kept thinking how great would it be to not have to go through all the fertility treatments (only because we already did it once- well twice) and at one point I had a pinkish discharge (I told my hubby that night that it was from implantation:)). Now here we are 5 days after I should have gotten my period with nothing. I did take a pregnancy test yesterday, but it was negative. My hubby told me I just need to relax and wait, easier said than done. I've been feeling nauseous in the morning but that could be psychological, right? and still we wait...


  1. It could be psychological. My period was 5 weeks late & even after 3 BFN I was still getting symptoms & overall just feeling like I was in fact pregnant. It's a horrible mind game & I'm sorry you're going through it. HUGS hun!

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  3. That's so hard! I hate waiting to find stuff like that out. Not sure if you believe in prayer, but I will say one for you now. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day and for your sweet comments.