Monday, June 29, 2009

I've never known so many pregnant women in my life...

Since I found out I was pregnant almost a month ago, I found out that my almost 42 year old cousin is pregnant with her 5th child and two of my friends are pregnant with their 2nd. They are due in October, November, and February (about a week after I'm due). This is in addition to my 4 co-workers who are due between December and February. And another friend who is due in October. Is that crazy, or what?! It's pretty exciting, too, because my baby will have lots of "cousins" to play with.

The best thing about having friends going through their pregnancies along side you is having someone to talk to about how you're feeling because they can totally relate. In fact, one of my pregnant co-workers text messaged me today asking how I was feeling because she dreamt that I was getting really sick. It's just so nice to have people to share the experience with.

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In other news, my nausea has pretty much gone away. It only lasted a few days and I don't expect that it won't come back, but for now, it's nice to feel somewhat normal. Other than being pretty tired all the time. Also, since we've been "on vacation" I swear I've gained 5 lbs and my tummy is getting big! I mean, I've never had a totally flat tummy a la Jennifer Aniston or any other celeb, but it was a couple days of no carbs away from being pretty flat. Not so much anymore. The problem is, it's not even bloat and it's definitely not baby...just a result of eating way too much and not exercising AT ALL. It's way too early (at 7 weeks) for me to be gaining weight! I'm hoping that once I get home and back to reality, the weight will come back off until the end of the first tri. Must. work. out.

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  1. No nausea?? I hate you! :o)

    I agree, it's great to have others to commiserate with. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone "in real life" who's at the same stage as me, but I know quite a few online girls that I'm excited to share the journey with!