Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wanting to up-chuck

Oh my word. Since yesterday evening, and all of today so far, I've been suffering from some major food aversions and nausea. Major, I tell you!

Did you know it took me 30 minutes to eat my cereal this morning? Ridiculous. But every time I put a bit in my mouth, I'd have to force myself to chew and swallow. That's how unappealing it has become in the course of a day.

I cannot possibly think about any type of food without feeling completely sick to my stomach, and I have to hold back the nausea because I really could up-chuck if I let myself.

The worst offender right now? Raw meat. Just looking at this picture makes me want to throw up:

Image source.

Hopefully it didn't make you want to toss your cookies either...

Actually, I lied when I types that ALL food is making be completely sick to my stomach. There is one particular thing that actually sounds appealing at the moment: butter chicken with rice, cooked by someone else other than myself thank-you-very-much.

Image source. Mmmmm, butter chicken!

But, it's 9:41 am at the moment, and I don't think butter chicken is the best choice for second breakfast. (Another great thing about the first trimester - second breakfast, just like a Hobbit!)

Even though the nausea and the food aversion thang is quite annoying, I am so very very happy to be experiencing these symptoms. To me it means our little baby-boo is growing. And that's a very good thing. (5 weeks and 2 days today! To some that might seem like nothing, but that's one-eigth of the way there. WOOOOO!)

So, what about you other 1st TM ladies out there? Any food aversions? Any food you just *gotta* have?

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  1. Mine just started a couple days ago. My oatmeal made me want to gag. And last night nothing looked appetizing to me. I just woke up and I feel pretty icky already. So not fun.