Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well, my temperature rose

Not only did it rise, but it rose by a LOT:

Look at that spike! I was so excited when I got that this morning, and as per my plan from yesterday, I took a pregnancy test.

It was negative. Not even a glimmer of a hint of a notion of a faint line. Nothin'.

*sigh* This is what I get for testing on 12dpo instead of waiting until 14dpo as I was originally planning for this cycle. Although 12dpo is a common test date and fairly accurate, there's still a good chance that it could be a false negative, especially given my temps. That said, I was using an Australian early response test that's supposed to be sensitive to 25mIU*, so it could just as easily be correct that I'm not knocked up, since many pregnant women would have a hCG level of 40-100mIU by this stage (assuming of course that implantation takes place around days 7-9):

Days Past Ovulation Typical hCG Level
Less than 5 DPO 1-2 mIU
5 DPO 2-5 mIU
6 DPO 4-10 mIU
7 DPO 8-20 mIU
8 DPO 10-25 mIU
9 DPO 15-30 mIU
10 DPO 20-50 mIU
12 DPO 40-100 mIU
16 DPO 200-400 mIU
20 DPO 220-800 mIU
Chart from here.

For the past few cycles, I've started spotting on 12dpo before Aunt Flo shows up in full force on 14dpo, so we'll see what happens for the next couple of days. If I see any spotting today (no matter how tiny), I'm declaring myself out for this cycle. If I don't, well...I have eight lucky HPTs that I can try in a couple days!

* You can check out how low your HPT can test here.


  1. Keeping fingers crossed for you!!!

  2. Woot! This is exciting. I am so chart stalking you for the next few days and sending you tons of BFP dust. I know you're not charting "symptoms" but have you had any that stand out this cycle? Just curious.

  3. Diva, not really. Very sensitive nips, but that's really the only unusual thing. Everything else could easily be Aunt Flo. :-P

  4. OMG! Fingers and TOES crossed!