Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well, AF came on Sunday. I was actually quite relieved because it was starting to get frustrating having negative HPTs and no AF. Anyway, my DH and I talked and we think we'll give it another two cycles before we start TTC again. Partially because it would be nice to see if my cycles become more regular and also because the timing would be better for me since I'm a teacher. Hopefully if we TTC in September and it works, then the baby would be born next summer. I felt like we would be ready right now, but it makes the most sense to wait. Meanwhile, I haven't decided yet if I will chart the next two cycles on fertility friend, but it might be a good idea.

Waiting isn't fun, but two months isn't too long!

In other news, my sister is having her big U/S today so I'll find out soon if I'm going to have another niece or another nephew! :)

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  1. Have you used FF before? I like it. I actually look forward to seeing where my temp is and tracking it.