Monday, June 8, 2009

Still confused here...

So, as I suspected in my previous post, FF changed my ovulation date upon the entry of this morning's temp. However, FF changed my ovulation date to Friday, which I was thinking more like Saturday. Either way, I feel like Mr. Bellesaur and I had good timing this cycle, the best that we could.

I know it is early in the 2 WW for me, but I feel strangely calm about the outcome of this cycle. Mr. Bellesaur and I stuck to our original plan, and tried every other day, and I know that it was the best we could do. I also am at peace with the fact that what's done is done for this cycle, and there is nothing I can do at this point, aside from eating some pineapple core to ease my superstitious mind, to change the outcome of this cycle.

I feel hopeful because this is the first cycle Mr. Bellesaur could be healthy. On the other hand, Mr. Bellesaur will have a sperm analysis again later this month to confirm that the infection is gone and was indeed the source of his bad morpholopgy. I know the doctor was certain the morphology would be fine once Mr. Bellesaur got rid of his infection, but I keep having nightmares about the SA returning with the exact same results. I am trying to stay positive- TODAY, I have hope that the Bellesaurs are fertile again as a couple. That's all I can focus on right now.

Well, I will continue to update you on my 2 WW progress this cycle. I joked today that I am right now in the 3 DPO that never ends, and if FF changes my ovulation date to Saturday (as I suspect it will), then I will be 3 DPO for 3 days on there!


  1. It could still adjust it tomorrow. If it doesn't I think you're closer to the real date that you can stick with the test date and be confident with the results. Good look! We're at about the same place in the 2WW, I'm keeping myself busy with the Twilight books!

  2. heres hoping FF doesn't change your date and the 2 ww will go by fast