Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random shenanigans

So I'm not really qualified to be a "pregosaur" anymore since I'm not KU, but I thought I'd post a site that was of help when I was KU with baby shopasaur.

It's always hard when you're shopping for your LO because there are so many options out there-- how do you know which is the safest and best bang for your buck? (Well, that's the problem that Mr. Shopasaur and I had--- we didn't want to spend 1k on something that we could have purchased for 200$, nor did we want to buy something cheap just to find out that it was made poorly, or something of that sort)

This website helped a lot -- they kind of rank things based off of what magazines, online reviews, user reviews, etc. say

One last thing--- congratulations to photosaur and divasaur!!! So excited to read your posts about being KU.

To be completely honest, I kinda sorta miss being KU, sometimes. Hah! I think I didn't appreciate my pregnancy at all-- pretty much b!tched and moaned when people would ask me how I was doing (hated feeling fat and hot, clothes didn't fit but didn't want to buy anything, etc), but the day after Baby Shopasaur came out I suddenly felt an intense longing to be KU again. (NO, I do NOT want another little one anytime soon!) You have your little one all to yourself for nine long months, feeling them kick and move and even get hiccups, and all of a sudden they're out and it's all over.. . oh well. One day [possibly] I will want another one and I will def. view my pregnancy differently. I think I will feel more connected to the next one, if that makes any sense.

Hope everyone has wonderful, healthy and happy nine months. :) Soak it up!

Oh-- one more thing-- ENJOY YOUR SLEEP! I know that it's impossible to really 'appreciate and enjoy' sleep until it's taken away from you, but WOW, sleep deprivation is brutal.

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