Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hello! I'm so excited to be posting my first blog here on Pregosaur.

My husband and I are TTC for the first time and today is actually day 28 of my first cycle. This has been the first month off BCP, so AF might magically appear today or later! I have been testing for the past couple of days, but so far no positives. I'm not surprised, especially since my cycles could take a while to get back on track, but I can't say I'm not just a little disappointed... I'm still holding out some hope since AF is still not here.

Let's hope AF comes soon or that I get a positive test because I'll be off to the beach with my family in two days, wouldn't that just be the perfect father's day suprise? I guess you really can't expect your life to always work out the way you plan though. :::sigh:::

Anyway, I'm looking forward to posting on here and let's hope a BFP comes soon!! :)


  1. Welcome and good luck! Love your name...what type of music do you sing?

  2. Divasaur,

    I have a degree in choral music education and I actually teach music in a K-8 school currently. I sang a lot of musical theater in high school and then classical/operatic music in college, so I guess you could say I like singing all types! :)

  3. @singersaur

    Cool! I have my undergrad and grad degrees in vocal performance and worked as a professional operatic soprano for about 12 years. It's actually how Mr. Divasaur and I met (he's a baritone so we were often cast together in things like Tosca and Il trovatore). Last year we gave up our Bohemian life for a little more stability.

    He's in school to become a RN and I am the Executive Director of Education for an international singing organization for women. That means I get to attend conferences put on by MENC, ADCA and Chorus America in addition to designing curriculum for our members, etc. FUN! I don't sing much at all these days, but maybe once my baby comes, I'll be inspired to sing a lullaby or two.

    (I deleted the other two comments because they were riddled with typos. ARG! I wish Blogger would enable editing on the comments.)

  4. Divasaur,

    How cool! I regret not pursuing performance more after college, I actually originally wanted to major in vocal performance, but my parents wanted me to go for education instead. I'm hoping to audition for some local productions eventually, but it's hard after several years of not auditioning!

    What is your organization? I am a member of MENC and usually attend the state conferences each year, although I'm not as active as I probably should be.

    It's nice to know another singer on the blog!

  5. I got rid of the extra comments for you, Diva. :-)

    Welcome to the blog, Singer!

  6. Welcome, Singersaur! Great to have you blogging with us!