Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another day, another BFN

Yup. Another one.

Yesterday, Mr Bibliosaur went to the store and bought me a pack of uber-sensitive HPTs (isn't he a sweetie?). These suckers detect down to 10mIU - to give you an idea of how low that is, the average "early" tests are normally around 25mIU. I took one yesterday afternoon after holding my pee for an agonizing 4.5 hours to simulate first morning urine, and nothing. Then took another one this morning and STILL nothing. Aunt Flo was due yesterday, and I still have no temp drop, no spotting, and no BFP.

All of this is making me wonder if perhaps my ovulation date is off. Looking at my chart, it's possible that I O'd on CD13 instead of CD10. Most of the signs do point to CD10: the biggest temp spike, the most fertile CM, the positive OPK. But there are some that could indicate CD13 as well: another temp spike (maybe the one on CD10 was a fluke, given the two low temps after it), a little more fertile CM, and theoretically I could have ovulated several days after the hormone surge that the OPK detected. This would explain all of the negative HPTs since it would mean today is only 12dpo and Aunt Flo is still two days away.

So all of you chart stalkers, I need your help. Please take a look at my chart, then vote in the poll below (btw - I've noticed that the polls don't always show up in Google Reader, so if you're reading this there and don't see the poll, I'm not crazy I swear - it really is there!).

Here's how it looks with CD10 as the ovulation date:

I tried discarding that high temp on CD10, just to see what Fertility Friend would do - it then said I O'd on CD11, which I really don't think is right!

And here's how it looks with CD13 as the O-day (note - I didn't change the coverline to a different temp because I have no idea what it should be):

Ugh. I really just want to know one way or the other now - this uncertainty is making me grouchy, haha!

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  1. It's funny that you mention this, because I was actually thinking the same thing. Maybe your body geared up to O on CD10, but it didn't actually happen until CD13? Also, in looking at your other charts, CD13 makes WAY more sense and is more consistent. Hang in there! You should know something in a couple of days.