Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First (OPK) BFP! ... maybe.

I started using the OPKs at CD9 since, according to the chart that came with the instruction, for a 25 day cycle you should start on CD9. Today is CD16 and yesterday I got one of the dreaded "dark lines" that only fill maybe 30% of the test line. Positive? Negative? I Googled like crazy and couldn't decide, so I just put Negative with a possible positives in the notes.

Then today I got this-

Sorry about the quality! That's all the better my cell phone can do in low lighting. Again, it's only a "maybe positive" since parts of it are lighter and parts are darker then the control line. But if you take my test yesterday into consideration (no picture of that one, sorry!) I figure it's close enough.

I always knew I ovulated, but it's nice to actually see it confirmed in a little pee stick! But what I wouldn't give to be able to afford those Smiley Face OPKs! I'd love to take one now and (maybe) see it smiling back at me!

And in other news, I spoke with my doctor about my frustration with the whole shoulder injury/TTC delay because of a clerical error and she told me to not worry about it. She can't say 100% that I won't need surgery, but she did say that she's pretty confident that I won't. So we're back in the game this month! She also told me that it took her 6 months to get pregnant when they started trying, and that you shouldn't put things like this on hold for any reason! Haha, I love her!

So, we're back in the game and I'm (maybe) about to ovulate. Hrm...

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  1. Yay for the OPK+ and for being back in the game! I agree...no need to put it on hold...good luck!