Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fertility Friend is the devil

On my last post about charting symptoms, one comment was that the symptoms you can indicate on the VIP subscription to Fertility Friend “are the devil since they decide your PG points!”

The “devil” is right.

In fact, I try to pay as little attention to the early pregnancy signs monitor as I can. Here’s the problem with it: it’s very, very inaccurate. Right now, on 10dpo, I have 85 points.

To show how meaningless this is, on my BFP chart I only got 60 points. On my last cycle, when I got a BFN, I got 80 - a whopping 20 points more than I had when I was actually knocked up! And Divasaur was given 99 points on her last (BFN) cycle.

The issue is that not only do the vast majority of pregnancy symptoms double as AF symptoms, but Fertility Friend collates the symptoms recorded on everyone's BFP charts and rates your selections against those, so you’re scored against an average. This seems quite reasonable until you realize that although there are definitely some common symptoms in early pregnancy, many women have completely different experiences.

One woman might get every symptom under the sun. Another woman won’t feel a thing. Both are knocked up, but FF will only acknowledge the first one as even having a chance. In fact, feeling anything other than utterly miserable seems to count against you – if you tick “exercise,” FF will actually reduce your points, either because the majority of women don’t exercise at that time (therefore leading FF’s analyzing software to believe that it’s a sign that you’re not pregnant), or maybe because you’re meant to feel so miserable in early pregnancy that you don’t even want to exercise in the 2WW.

So you can see how these points can drive you crazy! “Do I get points for this? Will they be taken away? I thought I had a chance, but FF isn’t giving me points. Is that a twinge? Should I tick the box?” And after seeing both Divasaur and myself get high points and still end up with BFNs, I don’t put much stock in the monitor.

Fertility Friend’s pregnancy points are the devil.


  1. That's why I kind of like sticking with a free account. You don't get to see those, and for the most part can ignore the "signs" of pregnancy/ovulation/AF and stick with the facts (temp, CM, OPKs). I think they put too much emphasis on things that have multiple explinations. Plus, everyone is different. Bad FF for grouping us all together like that!

  2. I just went back and checked my 3 charts on my FF account. The first two don't have the pregnancy signs because I was using the free account then. I had purchased the VIP membership on my last cycle - the one where I ended up getting a BFP. Irony.

    Anyway... I got a "High" score for FWP on three of five targeted days (O-3, O-1 and O). So props to you for FWP on ALL FIVE DAYS! WOW! But I only had 6 points. And I had cross hairs and did not see ANY egg white CM. No wonder it was a surprise when I finally tested and got a BFP!

    Btw, I tested on DPO 22 when it was obvious that AF was not coming and something was amiss.

    Anyway... Just thought I'd share my stats, which probably doesn't help things! I think your FWP stats are impressive and probably give you the best shot of any of getting KU! So... Can't wait to see what happens! Yay!

  3. I only have 7 points right now, and I am 11DPO. That makes me feel like I don't have a chance of being pregnant. But what exactly do they score on? I have sore breasts and am irritable, but that could be said for pregnant women or those experiencing PMS, since progesterone causes these symptoms, pregnant or not.

    A few days ago, I had 12 points. For an experiment, I unchecked my "irritable" and "tender breasts" symptoms and checked "nauseous" "consitipation" and a few others. It actually decreased my score to 8. Then when I put it back to my original symptoms, I was at an 11! WTF!

  4. I hated that pregnancy predictor thing from the minute they introduced it but I like having the ability to compare charts and basically all the other bells and whistles and so I suffered through the VIP membership in order to have them. I think when I got my bfp, I was at 30 points or something like that.

    Incidentally, for the last couple months I've been trying out a website called Fertility Flower (www.fertilityflower.com). I find their interface to be MUUUUch better, they have better symptoms and more of them. Kind of...everything looks better and functions just as well (or better)...oh, and costs less:-).

    Another thing that I like about Fertility Flower over Fertility Friend is that they plot the temperature and cervical fluid on the same chart. I wouldn't have thought that was such a big deal but you really see how the two symptoms relate to each other. I think they're the only charting website that does that...well, that I've seen anyway

    They don't have all the Iphone apps and all that but I never used them anyway.

    So, that's my 2 cents