Monday, November 30, 2009

Dr Appt

I broke down and called my doctor last Tuesday.

They were able to get me in.

I took a urine test, and to no surprise to me, it was negative.

I expressed to my doctor, I'm not worried about if I am pregnant, I'm worried about my cycle, and the fact my last period was Sept 27, and that I have been having cramps for SIX weeks!

He wasn't concerned at all.

He kept trying to tell me it was ovulation. FOR SIX WEEKS?!!?

Come on!

Mr. Joggersaur went with me, and was not impressed at all.

I repeated myself like three times about the cramps, and it didn't even phase him.

He wants me to come back in TWO WEEKS for a blood test. Not sure why they couldn't do it while I was there...

So, I have made an appt with my former ob-gyn that I only left because we moved.

I'm hoping to get a more thorough check up, and know more this Thursday.

And in the future, I plan to make that drive to see him. It's definitely worth it!

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  1. Stopping by from SITS :).

    It's sounds like you're making the right decision. Go with someone you trust even if the drive is a little longer.