Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back to the Perinatologist

As I entered the third trimester, my follow up ultrasound with the perinatologist was rapidly approaching. Even though he told us not to worry, part of me couldn't help but wonder if I would be in that group of 10% where the partial placenta previa did not resolve. This would also be our chance to confirm that we were indeed having a baby girl. The last thing I wanted was to deliver the baby and have them say "surprise! it's a boy!" when we have all this girly stuff at home!!!

The baby was noticeably bigger on this scan and it was much easier to make out her different body parts. It was so neat to see her in there, moving around, doing various things like putting her hand on her tummy or playing with her toes. They first confirmed that she was "still" a girl - so hopefully we won't have any surprises on delivery day... and then the tech asked me, "You had a partial previa?" I told her I did and then she replied, "Well, I would have never known unless you had told me because your placenta is nowhere near your cervix now!" I was so relieved to hear that. This meant that I would not be required to deliver by c-section (barring any other complications during labor & delivery). Sure enough, the doctor came in shortly thereafter and confirmed the previa had resolved and reconfirmed that we were having a healthy baby girl. At 29 weeks and 5 days, I was basically through 75% of this pregnancy and in the homestretch... I couldn't believe it...


  1. That´s great news! Glad the placenta previa resolved itself and that LO looks good.