Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feeling Great

Who thought I would look forward to having needles stuck in my skin. But I do. I see Dr. Frank three times a week and I just finished my first week and I feel great. I have so much more energy or I should say I actually have energy. Through out the week I can feel twinges in my uterus and near my ovaries. I feel happy and rested and I am wondering why I haven't done this sooner. Even as I type this I can feel the energy flowing in my pelvic region.

Here is how my appointments go:

I walk in and fill out a progress report. Then they take me back to a dimly lit room with a massage table. They heat the table as I roll my pants to above my knee and roll my sleeves to the elbow. Then Dr. Frank comes and in and we talk about how I have been feeling and how I should be feeling. We talk about my stress levels (low), my job, my eating habits (getting better). We also just talk about everyday normal things like how the Bears suck right now. While we are talking we inserts the needles in my legs, stomach, arms, face, and head. He attaches an electric current to 4 of the points in my legs and ankles. Then he points a heat lamp towards my pelvis, puts on soothing music and leaves me be. I lay there for about 20 minutes and its great. I leave flying on a cloud. He also gave me 3 vitamins to take 3 times a day with food. I am taking a multi-vitamin called catalyn, a vitamin B supplement called cataplex B, and finally symplex F for healthy functioning of multi organs including my ovaries. I still have 8 more treatments left until we talk about our next move.

Also, in my last post I mentioned Mr. Relaxasaur was going to get his sperm tested but that was a bust. We did like we were supposed to; have sex 3-5 days prior and then abstain from sexual activity for 48 hours prior. We woke up at 6:30 am which is nowhere near the time I normally wake up. We arrive at the office and they have no record of our appointment. Plus, they tell us even if we did have our apt they would not see us with out a referral. I told the receptionist that I when I made the appointment I told the woman we didn't have a referral and she said it wouldn't be a problem. Turns out she was wrong. So we were sent home only to receive a phone call saying they found our apt and they made it for the wrong day but without a Dr.'s order they weren't going to see us. It was too early for all that crap and I was a little crabby. Today, I called my gyno and she will send over an order tonight so I will call tomorrow and reschedule.

Has anybody heard from legalosaur? I think about her and keep her in my prayers.

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  1. I'm glad the acupuncture is working out for you. I hope your next appointment works out for the sperm testing. Good luck!