Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello, was that you Aunt Flo?

I have to say that this cycle completely mystified me. No signs, no nothing. Usually my breasts get super tender about halfway through the two week wait and my skin freaks out. Well my skin has been freaked out for some time now, so that wasn´t an accurate indicator of Aunt Flo´s impending visit. I did see the tiniest bit of spotting two days before she showed, but it was more like Aunt Flo was making a day trip this time. No need to pack the bags, just show up, drink a cup of tea, have a piece of cake and maybe a glass of water and then leave before supper time. I´m not really complaining, but genuinly puzzled. I have a short flow--two days max, but this was even shorter than usual. And very watery. I thought all the acupuncture was supposed to be helping my body to make a nice lining for any future tenants, but juding by this flow, I think it would be like sleeping on a yoga mat instead of a bed.....Oh the mysteries of the human body. I am clueless really.

I even whipped out the pee stick just in case of what? I don´t know, maybe pregnancy with some spotting? Nope, not this time. So it´s off to the gyno for more acupuncture and a few questions about this field trip of Aunt Flo´s....

In the mean time I keep checking this blog hoping for an update from Legolasaur who has constantly been in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything is ok with her little one, and that they are still baking for a bit.

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  1. I was having problems with very short periods for several cycles before I became pregnant as well. I read that drinking pomegranate juice could help thicken the uterine lining, so I gave that a try (8oz of 100% pom juice every day starting when Aunt Flo showed up), figuring that the worst case scenario was that pom juice is healthy stuff so even if it didn't help, it couldn't hurt.

    I don't know whether it actually helped or not, but the cycle I started drinking the juice was the one that I got pregnant.