Monday, November 9, 2009

Needles, and Electric Current, and Medical Tape, Oh My!

At the beginning of trying for a baby I thought how hard can it be. You just have sex at the right time of the month and voila you are pregnant. I am not entirely ignorant when it comes to procreating. I was aware that some unlucky women have problems. I just never thought it would be me. I was thinking maybe it would take me two or three cycles. I have since learned for most women it is not that easy, and congrats to all those who were able to conceive right away. There are so many different factors that affect us. For me, it is my unusually long cycles which are followed with a very, very light period. It is all opposite of what I need in order to become pregnant and even stay pregnant.

If you have read my last post then you know my insurance won't cover any fertility treatments. I was pretty bummed and thought I should just wait and continue doing nothing until my cycles regulate themselves. I think this cycle just ended after 78 days with 1 to 2 days of light brown spotting. Then with a some help from Chocosaur (thank you!) I decided I needed a new plan other than sitting around waiting for my body to fix itself. I need to be proactive. Your probably wondering what do needles, electric currents, and heat lamps have to do with this post. Well, I have decided to proceed with acupuncture. I found this wonderful Chiropractor (Dr. Frank) who specialized in Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) - his practice is 5 minutes from my house. The best part is after I meet the deductible, my insurance will cover acupuncture. I probably should have waited until after the new year so I wont have to pay my deductible again, but like I said earlier I am really impatient.

I started my first treatment last Thursday. Dr. Frank started off by feeling my uterus, fallopian tubes, and my ovaries - don't worry, he did it through my stomach no clothes came off. He said that he couldn't feel any scarring so that is good. He also looked at my tongue. Then he got started with the needles and instead of doing a full body he did a initial treatment to get my body ready for the full treatments. It didn't really hurt but I did feel a couple of the needles go in. Then he attached an electric current to three of the needles in my foot and leg. Turn down the lights and let me relax for 20-30 minutes.

After the needles came out he put medical tape around the middle of my feet and told me to leave it on until my next treatment which was today. So I had that tape on my feet all weekend which was really annoying, especially when I spent about 14 hours on my feet yesterday. Today, when he took it off I asked him why he taped them in the first place and he told me there was a pressure point on the foot he couldn't stick a needle in. Anyway, after my first visit I felt so relaxed and then came a burst of energy and it felt good. Even Mr. Relaxasaur noticed a change in my moods over the phone. Dr Frank sent me home with a 250 questionnaire in which he will use to analyze my habits and health so tomorrow we can talk about exercise, and nutrition, and vitamins. I have my third treatment tomorrow so I will tell you about today's treatment after tomorrow's appt. Also, Mr Relaxasaur goes tomorrow morning to get his sperm tested, so cross your fingers all is good.

Thanks for reading! Good Luck to all the ladies TTC.

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