Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blood Tests

I HATE getting my blood taken. I know it doesn't really hurt and it's really quick, but I hate having to wait until the next day to get my results.

Since my BFP, I called my doctor and expressed my concerns about being so nervous and paranoid about this pregnancy. She said it was completely normal and asked me to come in and get my blood drawn once on Wednesday and once on Friday just to see if my numbers were going where they are supposed to and make sure it is a growing pregnancy. I went on Wednesday morning pretty optimistic. Thursday, my nurse calls me to tell me that my numbers were lower than she thought they would be. However, because of my irregular cycles, it could just mean that I'm not as far along as I thought I was. I went back in on Friday morning pretty bummed because I knew I wouldn't get my results back until Monday. On Friday afternoon, around 4pm, I got a call from my nurse. She had my results back already! My numbers had gone from 382 to 950!!! She said this is excellent progress :-)

She also mentioned that my progesterone levels were a little low so they would be prescribing Prometrium, a progesterone pill, for me to take twice a day. She warned me that they would make me pretty sleepy and boy was she right!

Normally, my doctor's office doesn't schedule the first appt. and ultrasound until 8 weeks. Because of my past miscarriage, she scheduled it for November 24th. I'm not sure how far along I will be at that point, but I'm guessing 5-6 weeks. I am ecstatic and I can't wait for our first ultrasound and appointment. I never made it to my first appointment with the last pregnancy, so this will be a totally new experience.

Still praying that this will be the sticky baby :-)


  1. Waiting is always the hardest part. I do hope and pray that all your tests will bring you good results throughout the pregnancy!

    Good luck!

    Just stopping by from SITS to say hi!

  2. Congrats on the promising HCG numbers! All the best for a sticky pregnancy - I am thinking of you!

  3. Hope this pregnancy is the stickiest!

    Just dropped by from SITS again to say hi; hope you find time to do the same.