Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Little Update on Me

I'm not even sure what to post...

I have not had a period since we started trying the first of October.
I have had negative results on about half a dozen home pregnancy tests.
I have had no symptoms of AF or pregnancy, except cramps and lots of them.
I have gotten kind of depressed because nothing is going on, which makes it hard to keep at it.
I have gained about 5lbs.
I have cut way back on workouts, down to like 2 a week.

The most frustrating part of all of this, is I was having regular periods before we started trying. All I can think of, is what if we missed our chance!??!


  1. I spoke to a coworker just this week and she said that in her first pregnancy, she had been to several echographies and she could hear her baby boy's heart and was 4 months pregnant when the first pregnancy test turned positive.

    To her it was a huge mystery and she kept making the joke that if the test says she's not pregnant, then she must have swallowed a goldfish by mistake because something was moving in her belly and she had echography pictures to prove it.

    Hang on... You might still be pregnant.

  2. I know its is frustrating to be sitting in limbo. I hope something happens for you really, really soon.

  3. I'd absolutely check in with your doctor and ask for blood tests. It does happen sometimes that HPTs don't return a positive - I personally know someone who didn't get a + until she was 6 months pregnant!

    Even if you're not pregnant, your doctor should be able to check your hormone levels and maybe give them a bit of a nudge with some medication if your body needs help to get Aunt Flo started again (it happens to some women occasionally, and from what I know, generally doesn't mean that you can't have children or won't have AF show up naturally in the future - it just means that, for whatever reason, your body isn't quite with the program for this cycle).

  4. I agree that some blood work to check hormone levels might help clear up the mystery of your missing AF! Good luck - I hope you will get a BFP soon!