Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Butterflies in my stomach

For the last few weeks, I've been waiting impatiently to feel our twins move. I knew that for most women it happens between weeks 16-20, and I thought I had a good chance of feeling it earlier since we're having twins. But week 16 passed uneventfully. Week 17, more of the same. But this week...well, this week is different!

Yesterday was the start of week 18, and yesterday, I felt our babies move for the very first time! At first I wasn't sure that what I was feeling was really movement, but this pregnancy has given me enough gas that I was pretty positive it was something different. And then I felt it again. A flutter, low in my belly.

I've read that for some people it feels like bubbles or a goldfish flitting around. For me, it feels like butterflies - the nervous kind you get in your stomach when you're about to make a speech in front of a large group. A nervous, fluttery feeling, but without the anxiety - just the lightly flipping sensation in my stomach.

After I realized what I was feeling, it now seems like I suddenly feel it a lot more (although I've probably actually been feeling it for longer than I knew, but simply didn't know what to feel for). It's not constant, but sometimes when I'm quiet and still, I feel the gentle fluttering.

And then, earlier today, low on my right side...a soft flick. Flick. Flickflickflick. FLICK. Now THAT was a kick for sure! There is absolutely no way it could be mistaken for anything else.

Feeling them move is the most incredible thing - it's extraordinary to actually feel new lives inside me! Mr Bibliosaur is beyond thrilled with this new development - he keeps eagerly asking me if I'm feeling them move again: "Can you feel them now?" "No, not right now." "Oh. Well how about now?" I can't wait until he can feel them kicking from the outside so he can experience this too!


  1. That's awesome! My first movements felt like butterflies too, so much so, that I had to convince myself I wasn't feeling anxious or nervous so it HAD to be the baby! LOL!

    Pretty soon Mr.B will get to feel them on the outside...Mr.D did about 2 weeks after I started to feel them on the inside.

    It's truly amazing and definitely makes it feel more real. You may notice more activity after you eat. Sometimes after I eat I'll lie on my left side and get quiet so I can feel the baby. I think happy thoughts and sort of talk to her in my mind.

  2. I LOVE feeling the baby move! It's my favorite thing, and I can't help but smile any time I feel him. Like just now. He must like my lunch! Anyway, how fun that you get to feel baby movements x 2!

  3. It's the best feeling isn't it? It is truly the only thing I will miss about being pregnant. I just love feeling the baby moving inside me. Mine started as kind of like bubbles popping, and butterflies too, then what was like muscle twitches and then full blown kicks and punches. Now what I feel is more often like squirming since he's running out of room. And sometimes I feel a little foot stuck in my ribs. It's really awesome, you have it all to look forward to. And twofold with twins!

  4. Exciting - so exciting!! Enjoy feeling your lil lovebugs swimming up a storm inside of you. :o)

  5. That must be such an amazing feeling!