Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back to normal?

Things are slowly getting back to normal in the Citysaur household, after a jarring and emotional week last week. I was swamped at work when I returned on Monday - I was gone a week and a day, and walked out in the middle of a work day with virtually no notice. But I'm getting back into the swing of things, both at work and at home.

I'm 21 weeks today, and I finally got around to taking a new belly pic, my first since week 17.

I've had this shirt in my closet for a while (ever since the big maternity shopping spree) but today was the first day I wore it to work. Because it's fitted, it needed a bit of a belly before I actually looked pregnant in it and not just fat. I tried it on this morning and figured I looked pregnant enough, so it passed the test. :o)

In other news, our crib was delivered last week, and Mr. Citysaur had it put together in about an hour! It's lucky that we were actually both off work that day, as the UPS guy called me when he came to deliver it. Because the box was so big, he didn't want to just leave it in our building office. We have a good UPS guy! Here's the finished product, sans mattress and bedding and all of that fun stuff, of course:

We also moved the spare futon out of the nursery finally, and we'll be getting rid of it this weekend - no place to keep it in our 2-bedroom loft! And on Sunday, I found a glider and ottoman on craigslist for a great price, so that also has a home in the nursery now. It's slowly coming together, though we still have quite a bit of work to do yet. My father-in-law is building us a changing table/dresser combo, my mom is buying us some carpet tiles to lay down over the hardwood floors, and of course then there's all the decorating! But I feel pretty good about where we are in the process at this point.
On the opposite end of the spectrum from where we are on the nursery is how I've felt lately about all the decisions we have left to make! I had a bit of a freak-out session last night when I started to think about all the big, major decisions we have to make - and soon! Where will Benjamin stay when I return to work? What pediatrician will we take him to? How am I going to fit pumping into my work schedule, and where in the world am I going to do it, when I work out of a cubicle? What school will we send him to, eventually?

That's the one decision, ironically, that sent me into the biggest panic, and it's the one that's the farthest away. We live downtown in a mid-size city that isn't used to having families living downtown yet. Our inner-city schools leave a little to be desired...sometimes a lot. Most families in our area flee to the suburbs when it's time to send the kids to school. But Mr. Citysaur and I are different. We want a different experience for our child - not so different that I want to send my child to a struggling school where drugs and guns and gangs are daily issues though. However, the likelihood is that we'll leave this city altogether before Ben is school-aged anyway - so therein lies the irony of why that particular decision sent me over the edge!

I finally just told myself to calm down and take things one at a time, so that's what I'm doing. First up on the list? Find a pediatrician!

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