Monday, November 9, 2009

Six week wait??!?!

It looks like I will have six week wait!

Yes, six weeks.

What the mess? I'm usually a regular gal, well, I have been for about the last year.

I don't know why AF has yet to show...Well, I didn't until this weekend.

Last week, I was completely under the weather. I mean, complete and total exhaustion set in every other day. I was having tons of EWCM and crazy dreams every night since around the 30th of October. I thought for sure, I must be. I even had cramps for four weeks. Little sporadic ones, something was going on down there. I was TWO WEEKS LATE and everything.

So, I tested Saturday morning.


I went to my parent's house that day to help get ready for an upcoming family get together, and cramps kicked in full swing.

This is so weird. So Mr. Joggersaur wouldn't let me lift anything, "just in case".

Later that day, it happened.

No, not AF, a change in my CM... FINALLY! It was finally that cloudy gunky stuff, instead of the EWCM.

The only charting I have been doing was my CM, moods, etc. And this was the first time I had a change since my last period in September. And then none Sunday or Monday, which means, I probably ovulated this weekend.

I told Mr. Joggersaur, and he was like, "So we have to wait TWO MORE WEEKS?!!?"

I went back over the last month, and tried to figure out what could have tied things up...
A flu shot just a couple of days before I was supposed to "O".
A cold I got after a race the weekend before I was supposed to "O".
I had horrible mood swings due to stress at work, causing the Mr and I to argue.
Being overly anxious about TTC.

Really, it all seems pretty petty in comparison to other things going on... but at least now I know.

Thinking of Legalosaur and her little one!!

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