Thursday, November 5, 2009

Luckysaur- Week 20

We've officially made it to the half way mark! I can't believe how fast it's gone. There are only 20 weeks left until Sophie makes her appearance. I can't get over that! I really hope that time keeps flying by as fast as it has. Here's my week 20 picture. I don't think the picture does my bump really is there. Haha.

Last Friday was my last day at my job. It was pretty uneventful and I wasn't sad at all. I was actually ready to get out of there. Monday morning I got a call from HR at the second position that I interviewed for and they offered me the position! Not only will I be employed again, but I'll be making more money than I was at my previous job. Yeah! My start date is scheduled for November 16th. The only downside is that I will only have 6 (or 8, if she comes by c-section) weeks with Sophie after she is born before I have to go back to work. That bums me out a little, but it comes with the territory. I knew when this happened that I wouldn't be covered by FMLA anymore. I'm trying to stay positive about this and I'm thinking that I may see if they would be ok with me working part time for a couple of weeks after I return. That may help ease the transition of having to leave my little girl to go back to work.

Since I have two weeks in between jobs, I booked a flight (courtesy of frequent flier miles) to go back to Florida to visit my family. My mom and sister are so excited that I'm coming and are ready to go baby shopping! Whoo-hoo! I've started to get a few things for her room, but I really want their help on figuring it all out. They are great decorators. I wish they didn't live so far away.

Speaking of the decorating the nursery, Mr. Luckysaur and I bought Sophie a dresser off of Craigslist a while back and painted it. That was during my sleepy first trimester and I never got around to blogging about it. It was an awful cream color with brown top that I unfortunately did not capture on film to share with all of you. We turned the monstrosity into a crisp white dresser to match the white crib that my mom is planning on getting us. We're going to put a changing pad on top and use this as her changing table as well.

I really like all the pink stuff out there for girls, but I'm drawn more to bright, primary colors for some reason. Let me tell you, if you are having a girl and you want primary colors, forget about it. Bedding sets don't exist in this color pallet for girls. I fell in love with the colors in this blanket that my sister bought for us back in September. Not only did it have the colors that I wanted, but it was polka dots which I love. The blanket came from Target and they had a sheet that matched it too, well an entire bedding set, but it was definitely for a little boy. We're going to go with the blanket and sheet from Target instead of continuing to search for a bedding set. Yesterday, while strolling through Pottery Barn Kids at the mall I stumbled upon the perfect crib skirt to go with the sheet.

Did you see that sticker? Yep that's right, marked down from $59 to $19.97! Call me frugal if you want, but I love deals like that especially from Pottery Barn.

Have you all heard of Etsy? If not you need to go check it out. It's a site with all kinds of handmade (and vintage) goodies. I love that site and I've bought a ton of stuff off of there especially for my wedding earlier this year. I searched the site for nursery stuff the other day and I found a really cute banner that I thought would be great over the crib. Being the thrifty crafter that I am, I decided to try to make one myself instead of buying it. I'm a little biased, but I think it turned out great.

I WAY over estimated the number of flags that I would need and ended up with over double the amount. If anyone is interested in one of these, let me know.

Last but not least, I found this picture at TJ Maxx that I thought would be cute by the bookshelf that we're planning on buying. I added the little butterfly to the b although I'm not sure if it's going to stay there or not.

So there you have it...a lot of the little details and none of the stuff that Sophie's actually going to need. Haha. Those will come in time. The decorating is much more fun!


  1. I love your nursery finds!!!

    Would you mind sharing how you made your banner? I think it's fabulous and would love to make one as well!!

    Have fun in FL with your family, and congrats on the new job!

  2. I'm going to put together the other banner with all the left over flags that I have. I'll take pictures as I make it and blog it soon. I'm glad you like all of it!

  3. Great nursey! So cute and love the color choices! :) You look adorable and congrats!

  4. You look great! Congrats on the job too! How exciting! Love the red....makes the room unique and upbeat!

  5. I just love seeing what people are doing with their nurseries! I bought the blue giraffe for a friends baby shower and she loves it! Stopping by from sits!

  6. Oh, nesting! Your nursery finds and the flags are super looking. Sophie is a lucky little girl. I can't believe you are so preggers -- you barely look it and you look beautiful. Congratulations, and best to you

  7. Congrats on the 20 weeks! Those flags are adorable. Good luck on the new job.

  8. Congrats on the job and the great bargain finds for your nursery! What an exciting time!