Monday, November 23, 2009

Cycle 2 Update

I'm cruising along in my second cycle and continuing with the acupuncture treatments. I have 4 left and it has been wonderful. I feel so great when I am done like I am floating on a cloud. I heard the euphoric/relaxed feeling has been compared to a runners high. If this is true I am seriously thinking of taking up running. I also have so much more energy. Or I should say I actually have energy. I would normally feel sluggish all day but now I can just go, go, go. I also feel twinges of sorts from my uterus and my ovaries. My energy being stirred up makes me so thirsty. I have been drinking much more water than normal. I swear I go through at least a gallon a day which makes me go to the bathroom a million times a day.

This is how I feel during acupuncture (Source)

The other day we went over to our friends house and I went to bathroom about 4 times in the two hours we were over there and she was joking that I go much more than her and she is the one that is pregnant. It is funny because all of her symptoms are a part of my everyday life. She was telling me that she hates being pregnant. She doesn't like all the sickness and tired feeling that comes along with it. Normally I might be upset about her statement but she doesn't really know that we are going through acupuncture, or what we are going through to try to have a baby. I didn't want to tell her because I didn't want her to have any feelings of guilt because she got knocked up on accident. I just finally told my mom that we were doing this and that we would be starting to try real soon. We were also finally able to get Mr. Relaxasaur a referral to get his sperm checked out. We got up early last Friday so we should have the results this week sometime so cross your fingers for good swimmers.

I do have a question for all you lovely women out there. My last period was just a couple days of light brown spotting it started November 4th and ended on the 6th and if my cycles don't change it looks like my next ovulation will come on New Years Eve. I am not sure if this will effect this our chances of conceiving this cycle. I am wondering if we should not even try until I get a solid period. Does anybody have any advice? I would appreciate it.

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