Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Mean Aunt?

Today I became the mean Aunt. I didn't want to and I didn't think I had it in me. I mean I have a hard time saying no to children especially the young ones. Today was a different story. My BIL and SIL stopped by to collect some money we owed them for my BIL doing some work around the house. I was taking a nap when they arrived and I was groggy but excited to see my niece who came running out of the car very excited not to see me but see my ferrets. Yes, I have ferrets - 3 of them.

She loves to play with them but they don't really like when she comes around because, well, she is 3 years old and doesn't really know how not to squeeze them or how not to stuff them in holes. In fact, two visits ago she made one of them puke (my sister was supposed to keep any eye on her). When she is around they hide in holes where she can't get to them. The last time she came over I let her in the room when I was in there, but I don't like seeing them tortured so the visit was cut short and she started bawling and throwing a fit. Her mom did nothing.

These are not mine but look like my guys source

So today when they came she wanted to see the ferrets and I really wasn't in the mood, plus they were sleeping. So she started throwing a fit and not listening. She asked me every 30 seconds if she could see the ferrets. Usually I would give in because, like I said earlier, I have a hard time saying no - especially to the ones I am related to (that will not be a problem when I have my own child though). Her mom wasn't really saying anything and I could tell she was a little annoyed that I would say no even though she had warned me months ago that if I don't stand strong she will walk on me. My niece was over for a total of 10 minutes and she had to have asked at least 30 times if she could see the ferrets; when I said, she no stared at me like I was the devil.

I was more annoyed that her parents would let her get away with this. Not that her incessant questioning was the end of the world, but you would think her parents would at least try to stop her from crying and throwing a fit? Finally my BIL couldn't take the questioning and the whining anymore, so he was ready to get a move on and I was a little relieved. Maybe I was out of line for not letting her see the ferrets but how would you like to be woken up just to be played with for 10 minutes - or more like 10 minutes of torture? I know I would hate it. I just hope that when its my turn to be a parent I wont let my kids go on whining without trying to stop it before it becomes a way of getting things.

On a baby note, I am still somewhere in my cycle with no clue as to where I am at. DH came home the other day and said that one of his friends became pregnant by using ovulation tests. He asked if I was doing that which I thought was cute. Also, sometimes after we are intimate he proclaims we made a baby. I know that he is joking around but secretly hopes that its true. I can't wait until I can actually tell him when I do become knocked up. Currently I am on cycle day 61 and I am somewhat annoyed. This is a long cycle. Does anybody out there know if there is anything I can do to shorten my cycle days?


  1. I have wacky cycles too (longest being 90 days) and the only thing that helps me keep my sanity is charting and using ovulation strips. By charting, I know where I'm at in my cycle and, along with the ovulation strips, I know if I have ovulated. We conceived my son this way and we're working on number two now.

    Because of my crazy cycles, I go through a lot of opk's so I buy them in bulk off of Ebay (they're cheapie strips but work great). I don't have any advice on shortening your cycles other than taking provera, or something like that. I have mild PCOS so I know that's why my cycles aren't predictable, have you been tested for that? Sorry such a long comment. I wish you the best of luck in your TTC journey!

  2. Sorry to hear about your frustration with your long cycles. Have you asked your Doctor about this? Hopefully, you can get some answers soon about how to cope with this. Good luck!

    BTW - very cute ferrets!

  3. Thanks guys if nothing happens this cycle or next I will talk to my doc. I haven't checked into PCOS but I will talk to my doc about it if nothing happens.

    I will check out the cheap strips on ebay I know they can get expensive especially with my long cycles.

    Good Luck to you guys too!!!

  4. I also had long, wonky cycles. Turned out I also have PCOS. Clomid and Femara helped induce ovulation at a reasonable time, and my cycles became a more reasonable 30-32 days. Long cycles are usually not "normal" but not always alarming. Definitely worth speaking to your doctor about! I am 15 weeks right now after using Femara. :)