Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Sixteen Week Update

Like Luckysaur, I also just hit the sixteen week mark. It's kinda starting to feel real now! Though I'm technically not showing yet (I just look like a stuffed turkey), I definitely feel bigger. I know that as a "bigger gal" (I'm a 14/16 in US sizes), certain things could take a little longer for me - like showing and feeling movement. But Mr. Citysaur told me this morning he can definitely tell a difference. That made me happy!

We have less than three weeks now until our Big Ultrasound, and I can't wait to finally get to see little Citysaur and find out whether we're having a little boy or a little girl! Most of my close friends and family are convinced it's a boy...I guess we'll find out soon!

Another "this is real moment" has been seeing my calendar fill up with baby items. I got my appointment card/pregnancy bible in the mail from the Birth Center this week - it's this nifty little chart I'm supposed to bring to every appointment where they write in all my vitals, etc., and then I carry it with me at all times. Do all practices do that? I thought it was a nice touch. It also had all my future appointments in it - they told us at our first appointment they'd be doing that, and just to give them a call if we had conflicts with any of the appointments. Luckily, we didn't have any issues except with our one required Saturday class.

Because, you see, since we have chosen to take the plunge and deliver naturally at a Birth Center, they strongly urged us to take a Bradley Method class with the local natural birth guru. That's eight Saturday sessions, each one lasting 2 1/2 hours. If I don't know how to birth a kid by the end of all that, then I'm officially an idiot! Those classes start mid-November. Usually they do eight back-to-back Saturdays, but we have lots of breaks due to the holidays. So our final class isn't until February 6 - which is when the Birth Center had us scheduled for their Saturday class. Even though the times didn't conflict, I just didn't think I could handle five hours of baby class on one day, and I'm sure Mr. Citysaur would've thrown a fit, since he's still in graduate school and Saturdays are his study days!

So between all of my classes and appointments, my schedule is quickly being taken over by this teeny-tiny baby. I suppose I'd better get used to it, huh?

I also had one other bit of homework - something both the midwife and the Childbirth educator asked me to do. I have to keep a complete food diary for a week. I know this is for the good of the baby, so I'm doing it and being faithful and honest about it, but it does feel a tiny bit invasive to me. However, I know I signed up for this natural thing, and this all goes into that philosophy - so food diary it is.

Beyond that, I have to say, so far this pregnancy is going along swimmingly. I couldn't be happier with it all! Even the discomfort at night and the few boughts of heartburn I've had - all totally worth it. Now I'm off to go knock on some wood for good luck, after I've said all that...


  1. Food diaries are a great way to figure out your eating habits!! Something you can carry on post pregnancy!! :)

    Good luck!

  2. I'm glad things are going so well! Good luck with the food diary. Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound in a few weeks. So exciting!