Friday, October 23, 2009

Coworkers and new shirts and big bras - oh my!

After the NT scan, my husband and I decided to come out of the closet at work. Frankly, I don't know how much longer we could have held out - Mr Bibliosaur was dying to tell the world, and my clothes are getting pretty snug; a few of my coworkers revealed that they'd suspected I was pregnant, although obviously they had no idea I was carrying twins and thought I was much farther along.

I wish I had a cute, clever story about how I told everyone, but I simply walked up to a coworker's desk (who is situated in a large open area surrounded by everyone else) and invited them to see the photoshoot I'd just been to - I whipped out the ultrasound photos and voila! The message was out instantly!

As a chubby girl, I always assumed I'd be able to hide a pregnancy until well into the second trimester, but twins have scrambled that plan - my fundal height is closer to 18 weeks than to 12 weeks (the highest twin is nice and cozy just below my belly button), my stomach is clearly rounded beyond where it used to be and my pants are uncomfortably tight. So while I originally wanted to hold out for another week until the official start of the second trimester, it was such a relief to let everyone know just this little bit sooner. And now I can stop trying to suck in my non-suckable tummy!

Speaking of my non-suckable tummy, I'm going shopping this weekend for a few new shirts and a pair of pants to cover it - most of my current shirts are getting too tight and short to cover everything, and my pants are swiftly becoming un-buttonable (I'm considering just getting one of these Belly Belt button extenders instead of buying pants - does anyone know if they work?).

I'm also going to scope out some bras, as my question about whether or not I should buy a few new ones for the rapidly expanding girls was decided for me yesterday, when the underwire in the bra I was wearing gave up the fight and snapped in two. Oops.

Someone told me that you shouldn't wear underwire bras when pregnant, as they can interfere with milk duct development...I thought they were only a problem when nursing - does anyone know if this is true, or just an old wives tale? Dr Google is useless, since I've found answers supporting both sides of the debate. I'm willing to go underwire-less if I need to, but since I find underwire bras significantly more supportive, I'd prefer to keep wearing them unless the wire is really a problem. If you know the answer, please let me know!


  1. It is advisable to ditch the underwire, at least once you get further into pregnancy. I found it an adjustment too but it is more comfortable later on. I've had 2 size changes, it's an expensive business!

  2. Congratulations on your twins! Visiting from SITS. You were on roll call above me. Happy Saturday Sharefest!


    I have a Victoria Secret bra I'm wearing now.. it has stretchy cups.. I LOVE IT.. if I wasn't wearing it & at work I would tell you exactly what it was.. but I can't see the tag.. :D

  4. I have been wearing underwire bras my entire pregnancy and have not been told not too. With my 40DDD's I shudder to think what a bra without a wire would do! EEK! That said, I did get two 42DDD bras around 20 weeks...they fit big(ish) but I figured they were on sale and I might "grow into them." In January I plan to order nursing far my only options are to get them online and they are pricey! $50-70 for one stinkin' bra! ARG!