Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't forget those hospital FREEBIES!

Everyone says it: When you check out of the hospital after giving birth, take everything not nailed down! And it's true... Take everything you can!

A tip: If you are kind to your nurses, they will help you score mad stuff on your discharge day! Mine did!

Another tip: Ask to be pumped so you can learn how, or, if you milk has come in, to relieve engorgement. Because then you might score a Medela Symphony pump kit, a $59 value!

To give you a glimpse of what you might expect... Below is the list of FREEBIES I scored at the hospital!

  • 2 pairs of socks with tread (Love them!)
  • 2 baby nasal aspirators, the one in her bassinet and a brand new one (Soooo helpful! I keep one at each changing station. And the hospital ones are better than the ones I got at the store)
  • Handful of Lanolin sample tubes (Great for diaper bags!)
  • 2 packs of gel soothies for my sore nips ($16 value. I used one pack and saved the other)
  • Medela Symphony double pumping kit since I was engorged by the end of my stay and and needed to be pumped before I left ($59 value! I have used this with my rented pump and it saved us money that I already had this!)
  • Souvenir swaddle blanket. My nurse offered this to me and got me a new/clean one! Yay!
  • I also got to keep her baby hat!
  • Whole new package of Pampers diapers
  • New package of Pampers wipes
  • Package of wipes that you can use with water
  • Huge stack of disposable undies (Have not used them)
  • Package of pads (Have not used them)
  • Plastic water bottle to help you wash "down there" (Helpful)
  • At our discharge class, we got a free Medela bag full of free samples and stuff and a free Enfamil shoulder bag also full of free samples and stuff.

OK... That's all I can think of! Hope this is helpful to you all... Kisses to all you mommies to be and baby dust to you TTC ladies. Wishing everyone the best!

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