Saturday, October 31, 2009

Updates and Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate. Growing up this was my second favorite holiday. My mom used to make all my costumes and my dad would map out the best neighborhoods to hit. Then as I got older it became about smashing pumpkins (after trick or treating was well over) and maybe some (sp?). Then, it became about the parties and seeing who can dress the sluttiest and its is not so hard with all those costumes they make now. I have already been to one costume party and I have another tonight.


This Halloween may be the best yet because we have our own house which hopefully means kids in costumes. There is nothing cuter than a kid dressed up for Halloween especially the real young ones. I cannot wait to have a kid to dress up I will have such a hard time picking just one costume. Today I made a run to the store to stock up on candy and the good candy too. I got twix, baby ruths, reeses peanut butter cups, butter fingers, kit kats, 1000 grand bars, 3 musketeers, and a few more. I should give all the stuff I love out first but I am doing the opposite. I am keeping what I like to eat. If I don't get rid of all of it I will bring some to work (I work with almost all women) it will be gone with in the week. I also bought a whistling kettle for my tea which I love drinking I just used it for the first time and that whistle made me feel all warm inside. Ahh the simple things in life.

*Update* I am still on my second cycle today marks day 74 and I believe my period is right around the corner I am thinking it will come tomorrow because I have to work 15 hours straight and its hard for me to run to the bathroom and check to see if I am bleeding or not. Good Times. Also, the 90 ovulation tests and 10 pregnancy tests came in the other day. I already used one pregnancy test and it was negative. I bought them off ebay thanks to the advice from someone left on this blog. I am also going to look into my insurance and see if any fertility specialist are covered near me. I want to talk to them about my long cycles. My Dr. isn't calling me back and I don't think she has any experience in that area. Nov 3 will mark 6 months off birth control. That's all have a very Happy safe Halloween!


  1. I'm only on my 5th cycle off BCPs/TTC & I have already contacted a fertility specialist b/c I have a VERY VERY short luteal phase, so I want to get it corrected ASAP & my Dr. has kinda blown me off when I called the office about it. GL on your journey & I hope you get your BFP very soon!

  2. I would recommend seeing a reproductive endrocrinologist (RE) and not just an ob/gyn. They will get you on track the fastest and help figure out why your cycles are so long. First step is to do some bloodwork on day 3 of your next cycle so try to get in to see a doctor before then so you don't have to sit out another cycle TTC. GL!

  3. Thanks ladies, and Jen good luck I wish you a BFP too!

    Chocosaur - thanks for the advice I will look into that tomorrow seeing as how my next cycle is right around the corner.