Friday, October 16, 2009

Waiting for results on a very wet day on the West Coast!

Good Morning All!

Man Alive! It is raining so hard in my little town today that I was hydroplaning all over the place to get to work. It is dark and gloomy, and I just love it! I was living in the prairies for the last two years and we barely ever got rain there, and who knew that I would end up MISSING it! I am warm and cozy in my office, no one is here yet, and I am sipping my decaf pumpkin pie chai latte without a care in the world (for a moment anyway!). I can hear the sounds of the rain on the roof all around me, and who doesn't love the sound of rain when they don't have to go out in it :)

Anyway, on to more serious topics. I hope it won't make this hard to read jumping from how I found out I was pregnant to twelve weeks later, but I can't think of anything that stands out in terms of the pregnancy since then. However, on Thursday, last week, my husband and I went for our first ultrasound, and it was even more miraculous than I imagined it to be. I think I am one of those types of people who "believes it when they see it." Up to that point I was trying to be rational telling myself that if I had a miscarriage or something awful happened I wouldn't know what I was missing. When I saw that little, tiny, fully formed, baby on that monitor it was game over. Although I can't stop myself wondering if it's just too good to be true- in an instant I became head over heels in love with this little life changing miracle. I know the instant that it happened and I think it will truly be something I can never forget. I didn't have a clue that when poked (with the ultrasound device) it would react! It was almost like it was saying "Hey, now that you know I'm here can you quit poking me already!"

The reason I got the ultrasound at eleven weeks was because, according to my midwife, it is possible that I'm a month farther along than I think I am. I had "the scare", as I refer to it, in June and a very short, light period in July, and I'm assuming the midwife thinks that it could have been implantation bleeding rather than my period. I am slightly worried to think that I could have had this little being in me for a month longer than I knew about because I wasn't trying to get pregnant and I know that I had at least a couple of drinks during that month. I always thought that when we determined that we were going to start trying to have a baby I would start acting like I already WAS pregnant to avoid the feeling of what could I have done better. Since I found out about the baby I have been a model of health, or tried to be, but the MS has made it difficult to eat as many vegetables as I'm accustomed to.

Anyway.... right now I'm waiting for the results of the ultrasound and it's already been a week! I thought it would have been a bit quicker than this, but it was Thanksgiving in Canada so that might have slowed things down. I know it won't change anything the sooner I know the results, but I just don't like the feeling of not knowing.

Well, I should start working now, so I will update soon :) Have a great day everybody!


  1. Best of luck to you! You write beautifully. Michele

  2. Visiting from SITS, have a blessed day.