Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twenty-Five Weeks

I am twenty-five weeks and one day pregnant today. I cannot do a full update right now because I am on a business trip and away from home until next Sunday. After I get home I'll update this post with photos, links, etc.

According to the Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy, I am entering my seventh month! That means the third and final trimester...EEK! I am closer to the the end than the beginning of this pregnancy...I sure hope to be ready! We start Bradley Classes in mid-November. And we have a hospital tour and breastfeeding classes lined up too. We've also ordered our car seat and bases (we're going with the Graco32).

This is my last business trip of the year and the last one I'll take before our LO arrives. In fact, my next business travel is scheduled for July 2010. Unfortunately, it will be three cities in three weeks! I am hoping to figure out a way to travel with our LO since I plan to still be breastfeeding then. We shall see how all of that is going to play out.

For now, this week, I am in Nashville at a convention. And boy am I tired! My body aches from head to toe! I think my ligaments in my pelvis are stretching because I have this dull ache with every step I take and if I sit too long. I have been staying hydrated and stretch each morning and night to help stay loose and flexible. But I am so looking forward to being home on Sunday and not having any more travels! I love to travel, but being that I have traveled every month since we started TTC (in March 2009) including two trips overseas while pregnant, I am ready to be home and just rest and nest!

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