Sunday, October 25, 2009

Can I Be Like Lilysaur?

Yes, yes I can!

A few weeks ago Mr. Rock and I had a one crazy afternoon that started when he accidentally slammed the bedroom door on my finger. The damage was pretty bad. There was a cut down to the bone that needed six stitched and the bone was broken in two places.

But like Lilysaur I'd spent my entire childhood and adulthood wanting a dog but never being able to have one for various reasons. So after I regained conscientiousness from passing out due to the pain Mr. Rock asked me what he could do to make it better. I have no idea why my brain went here (the shock, maybe?) I told him he could let me get a dog. His response was "Okay".

Turns out Mr. Rock was going to let me get a dog for Christmas! He knew was becoming frustrated about not being able to have a child yet and sad about our current separation, so he said OK to the dog thing.

I at first thought of going up the center I work at and finding a dog, but then I heard on the news that the SPCA shelter near my house was having free adoptions that day! As much as I love where I work, I also know it's a very well-known, well publicized adoption center and the dogs are rarely there for longer than a couple of weeks. Plus their adoptions fees are $150+. I figured free adoption means I can spend that money on buying him stuff to spoil him with! So off to the shelter we went, bloody broken finger and all!

So meet Linus!

He was PERFECT! Sweet, cuddly, non-shedding (I have mild allergies), a good size for our condo, and MINE!

And can you believe he's doing the trick? I'm no longer counting down the days until my doctor approves TTC again. I'm really enjoying having him to keep my company when Mr. Rock is away. And I think he'll be great when the baby comes. He's already spent a lot of time with the 1 year old son of a friend and he loves him! He lets that kid sit against him, hug him, roll around on the floor with him, etc. and seems more than happy to do it.

I'm still waiting for that magic day in March or April when my doctor gives us the thumbs up to start trying again. But I'm no longer anxious for it. Amazing how life works out sometimes.

And he's helping me not feel so bad that I now have a mangled finger with a giant scar going across it and feeling that will never return due to nerve damage. Yes, it was a HORRIBLE, painful accident, but in the end I got a dog. Now every time I see the scar I'll think of Linus and be happy.


  1. Yay!!! Linus is super cute! I love cuddling with my furbaby--it is truly therapeutic and a great way to refocus all that ttc energy and anxiety. I´m sure the time will fly by with your new guy. Congrats on your new baby-spoil him and give him a doggy treat for me!

  2. I'm sorry you had such a painful accident-I hope your finger heals up quickly.

    Congrats on getting Linus! He is so adorable. It is great you can lavish attention on him to divert your attention from the dreaded 2WW!

  3. Yay! Congrats on the new family member!

  4. What a cutie!!! Congrats on the new addition to your family!

    Hope your finger heals quickly!!