Friday, September 4, 2009

What do you feed the person who eats nothing?

Thus far I've managed to avoid true morning sickness (yeah I know - it's still early days yet!), but for the last four days or so, I've grown some serious food aversions. The thought of virtually everything makes me nauseated. And when I say everything, I mean...everything.

It's a daily struggle to think of something - anything - that I can stomach. For the past few days, the only things I've been able to choke down are grilled cheese sandwiches and red meat, preferably a plain hamburger patty. I couldn't stand veggies, and fruit was out of the question. The idea of chicken or fish made me want to puke.

(As a side note, when I tried to find an image of these things together for this post, I found this:

It's called a Hamburger Fatty Melt, and is a hamburger patty sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. I seriously could have lived off this for the last three days. Healthy, I know.)

But today, even grilled cheese and red meat don't sound good. Mr Bibliosaur volunteered to go to the grocery store and asked what I wanted for dinner - maybe plain pasta? Since just the idea of pasta started my stomach flipping wildly, I wracked my brain for other ideas. Finally I came up with two things: sweet potatoes and apple juice. Those were literally the only things I could think of that sounded appealing - in fact, my mouth is watering right now just thinking about sweet potatoes mashed with butter. Oh sweet baby...come to mama!

I really want to be able to eat healthily for this baby - and for myself, since I've slowly lost 8.8 pounds (that's 4 kilos, for my fellow Aussies) in the last two months. The last thing I want is to put all of that back on in the next couple of weeks.

But what do you eat when nothing sounds good, and the things you can choke down tend to be high fat and don't exactly amount to a balanced diet? Does anyone have any tips?


  1. You got me! At 17 weeks, I still want pizza every day. But now that the major food aversions have subsided, I'm forcing myself to eat some healthier stuff.

    It's weird, though. A lot of things I used to eat daily, or almost daily, I haven't wanted much since I got pregnant. (Like cereal, which I used to eat multiple times a day, and Goldfish crackers, which were my biggest addiction for the past 9 years.)

  2. I say eat what you can stomach right now. It's more important to eat healthily in your second and third trimesters. In your first trimester, all your good eating habits from the past few months will fuel the bean with all the nutrients he/she needs (plus your prenatal vitamin will help immensely in this regard too!).

    I too had wicked food aversions in the first trimester. They went away gradually starting at about week 13 onwards. Hopefully the same thing will happen for you!

  3. I had big plans to be super healthy, but my body sometimes demands otherwise. I'm just going with what it craves -- sometimes good, sometimes not so much -- and hoping that does the trick. My preferences change a lot from one day to the next, so hang in there... I'm sure you'll be able to mix it up soon enough!

  4. I hear you! I swear, in the first trimester, my diet resembled that of a toddler's! Grilled cheese, quesadillas, bagels with cream cheese, macaroni and cheese...basically any bread item with cheese!

    But I also craved fruit and had a lot of it...berries, apples, peaches, etc. And Jamba Juice was my best friend! And lemonade!

    For protein, I added in some plain yogurt. But eggs or chicken we're totally out for me! Only in the second tri have I been able to add those back in...and some red meat as well as more veggies too, which in the first tri were tough to get down as well (I had a lot of spinach salad with walnuts and strawberries).

    Eat what you can, when you can. And don't worry too much about the weight gain (easier said than done, I know), as long as you listen to your body, you're on track. Don't forget water. I normally have no issues getting at least 100 oz/day, but now that I am PG I have to have it ICE cold.

    As for the sweet potatoes...YUM! Have you ever made them into oven fries? DELISH!