Sunday, September 6, 2009

Busting Out

I was pretty lucky in that my morning sickness never progressed to anything more than a general, mild feeling of nausea. Furthermore, it only lasted for 4 weeks. It was over before my first trimester ended, which was great because went on a little babymoon and I would have hated being sick the entire time.

By the end of my first trimester I could no longer zip up any of my pants, and decided to invest in a few key pieces of maternity wear, mainly bottoms. Some women really like the bella band, but I heard that it can ride up and down on your belly if you are sitting down and standing up a lot. I'm constantly up and about, mostly standing, but often sitting at work for brief moments so I didn't think the bella band would work for me. Instead, I just opted to go straight to maternity clothes. I have to say that I absolutely love the stretch in maternity bottoms - why don't they make all clothes like this?! The only regret I've heard from other pregnant women is that they wish they had gotten into maternity clothes sooner! They are so much more comfortable. Every woman is different... some need them sooner, others don't need them until later. If you need them sooner, don't hesitate to buy them... as soon as your bottoms start to feel snug, get some maternity clothes! I promise you will be so much happier in them! Plus, just think about how much more use you'll be getting out of them if your purchase them sooner rather than later.

One of my major clothing purchase regrets was not buying a new bra sooner! I was trying really hard to wait on buying new bras because I didn't want to find myself buying several different sizes throughout my pregnancy. I heard that you can expect a lot of growth in the third trimester, and then even more growth once your milk comes in. So I was literally busting out of my regular bras for quite some time before I finally broke down and bought some newer, larger bras.

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I have to say that I was soooooo much more comfortable once I was wearing the appropriately sized bras! (Duh, right?!) By the end of my first trimester, I had already gone from a B cup to a D cup! I always thought that the majority of mammary development occured towards the end of the pregnancy but I guess I was wrong! So, take my advice - when your bra starts feeling too small, please go out and buy the next size up, don't wait and be uncomfortable for weeks like I did. Let's just hope I don't go up too many more sizes during the rest of my pregnancy, though, because I don't want to be spending more on bras than maternity wear!


  1. I started buying billowy tops and stretchy bottoms (yoga pants, skirts) at just 9 weeks! I thought that was way too soon, but you are right -- I felt so much more comfortable once I made the switch.

  2. It would be great if all pants had a little give that way people would be more comfortable all the time especially after eating

  3. Love, love, love my mat pants! Seriously! I might just keep a pair around after the baby comes for those big holiday meals! LOL!

    I am impressed that you've gone from a B to a D! And terrified...I am starting at a DDD and will just die if they go up from there! EEK!