Thursday, September 3, 2009

So here's how it's going to go down...

Well, since I'm still here, I figured I'd keep blogging! In case you missed the BIG DAY, it was yesterday. Yup, I was DUE YESTERDAY. And, no, I did not deliver yesterday. Hence I am here blogging and NOT on Cloud 9 with my new baby! Not that ya'all aren't great. But anyway.

So I figured I'd share my Birth Plan. My first draft was very simple. It read:
Get the baby out fast & healthy. Please and thank you. NFT...
Then, I figured there were a few other things that I needed to say... So I came up with my current draft, which is still pretty simple and really just lays out a few things that I've already discussed with my doctors in writing. I think you'll see, I have attempted to be as flexible and open-minded about this as possible. This plan is more for me and DH than anything because it helps us FEEL ready and sort of expect what will happen... Here goes:

Birth Plan for Politisaur
  • Remain at home for beginning of labor.
  • Call Doctor (Insert Number) when contractions are 5 minutes apart for an hour or as soon as water breaks. Time contractions from start of one to start of the next.
  • Arrive at hospital. Check in (we are pre-registered). Note pediatrician choice on form. Request a single postpartum room. When we arrive, our doctor will be notified.
  • I would like to walk around while laboring. I understand that I'll be monitored each hour and that I will be confined to the bed once I get the epidural. But before then, I'd like the freedom to move about. (My doctor said this was fine.)
  • I plan to bring our laptop with iTunes, an exercise ball and tennis balls. I expect massages from my DH (Insert Name).
  • I understand that I won't be allowed to have any food at the hospital except ice chips. However, Dr. (Insert Name) said that I can bring popsicles and hard candy.
  • I assume I'll get an epidural at some point.
  • For the final stages of labor (when the pushing starts), I want to have ONLY MY HUSBAND (Insert Name) present in the room, other than medical personnel. All other family, friends to wait outside in waiting area.
  • I will remain flexible and look to my doctor's expertise as to what is medically necessary. However, I do want to be told explicitly what is being done and why (medication to induce labor, c-section, etc.) Just keep me informed.
  • Obviously, I would prefer not to have an episiotomy or have forceps or a vacuum extractor used. But do whatever you need to do for a healthy baby. Just tell me.
  • I MIGHT want to have a mirror to watch the birth, so I'd like to have one on hand in case I do. Also, if he's not in the doctor's way, it is OK for my DH (Insert Name) to watch the baby being delivered from any vantage point.
  • My husband (Insert Name) would like the OPPORTUNITY to cut the cord, if medically possible.
  • We have decided NOT to do private Cord Blood Banking.
  • I would like to have the baby placed on my chest upon delivery, if medically possible.
  • I would like to attempt to breastfeed as soon as possible after giving birth.
  • I would like either myself or my husband (Insert Name) to be present for any exams of the baby by the nurses or medical staff. (It's all done in the room, unless baby goes to NICU)

Post-Partum Checklist

  • Someone from my pediatrician's office should examine baby in the first 24 hours. Otherwise, call (Insert Number) and make sure they do.
  • Call my employer's insurance at (Insert Number) and file for maternity leave to start.
  • DH to call/file paperwork for baby to be added to our family health insurance plan (he has 30 days to do this, but we should do it asap).
  • File paperwork for her name/SS number. Find out how to get expedited birth certificate.
  • Make sure we get copies of all medical records for both myself and the baby after checkout.
  • DH has e-mail lists already saved to send out our birth announcement. (He has a call list for immediate family that he'd use first.)
  • I have phone numbers of photographers so I can sked our newborn session asap for the formal mailed birth announcements.


  1. Very organized! I am impressed!! I hope you're labouring as I type, because you sound ready to pop!! :o)

  2. Great plan!

    One suggestion, since you are not doing cord blood banking would you consider A) delayed cord clamping so your baby can get the most from the nutrients in the cord blood at birth or B) donate it? Both are great alternatives to cord blood banking. Not all hospitals will work with you on either of these, but some do.

  3. Rockasaur... Thanks for the suggestions!

    A) I have never heard of "delayed cord clamping"? I'll check it out... Sounds like a great idea tho. Thanks for the tip!

    B) We would really like to donate it, actually. But the hospital where we are delivering does not participate in the national donation program. Our doctor told us that we could not donate and our only option was private banking. It was a hard decision for us to make, but we don't have any of the illnesses that it helps with in our family so since neither of us felt strongly one way or the other, we decided to pass. It does annoy me that we can't donate, because that would have been our plan all along if we could. We did research it and talk to the hospital, and they just don't participate so you'd have to pay for it anyway.

  4. you're so prepared!!! now your little one just needs to make her appearance!