Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey, who took my crosshairs?

This was my chart before I entered today´s temp. I even thought it was probably right. The only other day I could have o´d would have been CD 14, the day I got my positive OPK. The gynocologist had told me that based on my ultrasound and the measurements she would expect me to O on CD 14 or 15. I think she was right. I had lots of EWCM on CD 14 and some on CD 13, and only some watery stuff on CD 15. After that, nothing, nada. And after CD 15 my cervix was not soft and open anymore. But thanks to my temp this morning......
Fertility Friend thinks I haven´t O´d. Shame on her. I am sure I have. Very sure. I wonder if it´s the new thermometer (I got a new thermometer at the start of this cycle), my poor sleeping habits as of late, the fact that I went to bed with wet hair last night, or that fact that I went swimming last night and was a bit tired? Or maybe that my throat was a bit scratchy? Oh dearest FF, please give me my crosshairs back, and please do not put them at some later date, please, pretty please? Sigh.

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