Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Update of Sorts

There's something growing in my uterus... and it's not a baby.

Sorry to be so graphic! But that's basically my latest news. After having a few interesting things happen this past summer I decided to consult a doctor who decided to do a thorough exam of my reproductive system and found a uterine myoma that had decided to make it's home in my uterus and he thought that it was growing. I sort of pictured that phlem guy from the Musinex commercials when she told me this, which kind of made the news even more disturbing because now I'm stuck with this visualization of the phlem guy living (and growing) in my uterus.

Fast forward to two months later. I went in for another exam, and sure enough, the little booger is growing. The doctor decides this may be what caused my chemical pregnancy (the one I thought was LPD and later learned was a CP which I don't think I ever mentioned here) and may be the reason my husband and I have not gotten pregnant even though we haven't used any form of birth control our entire marriage (and here I thought we were just good at timing while TTA and were having bad luck with TTC). She did say there was a chance we could still concieve with it, so we kept trying hoping for the best, but to no avail.

So now, the doctor wants to do surgery. I'm told it's not a major surgery and will take all of 5 minutes to do and involves putting a scope through my cervix and using a little hoop to cut it away. I'll be awake the whole time and, get this, I CAN WATCH IT! On a monitor. She said she'd point it in my direction so I could see, too. I'm fairly certain I will pass on this because I'll be freaked out by the fact that there is a scope being shoved through my cervix. Because that can't feel good, even when numbed up.

The original surgery was planned for two months ago, but guess who decided to pay a visit four days late meaning she was still around when I was supposed to have the surgery? That's right! My favorite Aunt. So we had to reschedule for last month. And wouldn't you believe it? The NIGHT before my sugery (seriously about 10 hours before) she shows up 4 days EARLY!!! Wench. So we rushed to find an opening in the doc's schedule and the surgery is now planned for this Friday. It's comfortably in the middle of my cycle (I am ovulating this week) so hopefully AF won't decide to do something crazy and show up in the next couple of days and we can get this over with this week.

After the surgery she wants me to wait 2-3 months to make sure everything is checking out OK. This puts us on a December/January TTC timeline now. Which actually works out because by that point DH and I will be living in the same cities again which means we won't be running up (or down) to the same city just to TTC. Which kind of takes the fun out of it, but makes things a whole lot easier!

So now we have a timeline. January. On my January cycle we will TTC again. Until then I get to enjoy the sensation of having a scope shoved through my cervix and the aftermath of said action. Oh joy.

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  1. I hope the surgery does the trick and that come January you are ready to roll! Good luck.