Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have no clue

Really I don't have a clue as to my ovulation this month. I have taken a few OPK's (on Fri, Mon, & Tues) and they all came back negative. I have been checking my CM which I think is considered watery (TMI, I know). I didn't see any egg white this month or last. The only time I saw egg white CM is back in the beginning of July but a period never followed and then I got a positive OPK on August 4th. I know every month is not the same but last month I when I did ovulate I could feel it thru the pain and swelling of my ovary. This whole baby making process is a lot harder than I thought. As a 26 year old woman I don't really know anything about the baby making process with the exception of how to do it ;)


I am learning more thanks to reading blogs and fertility friend, however fertility friend also confuses me I am still not sure how to read the chart. Last month it showed my forecasted ovulation day and was pretty close. This month it showed it to be this past Wed or Tues and Tuesday I was feeling cramps but they were more like period cramps. I have been having elevated temps the last couple of days but I really don't know what this means. My chart doesn't have any cover lines (red lines). Before birth control I was never regular so maybe my body is going back to its old ways or maybe my cycle is a lot longer than I remember. Below is my chart maybe some of you can tell me what you see because I am still a novice. Thanks


  1. If I didn´t know that you had a negative OPK on CD 13, I would say that CD 13 *could* be O, but it´s hard to tell. Keep temping! I didn´t get a positive OPK the last time I got KU, so it doesn´t necessarily mean anything. Good luck

  2. I completely understand the stress of trying to figure out charts! FF keeps changing my OD and it's definitely challenging to know when it happened. GL! :)

  3. I agree with Lillysaur - the negative OPKs don't necessarily mean anything. I've had cycles where I never got a positive OPK, but my temps clearly showed ovulation (are you using regular OPKs or digital? I love the digitals, but found they were much less sensitive than the regular kind).

    At this stage I'd say it could be CD13...but I'd need to see more temps to be sure.