Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Actually, only I've only done one test (so far.) I was really, really trying to wait until several days after Aunt Flo was due. Yesterday morning I had a backache similar to when I was pregnant. So, I got hopeful, and a tiny bit excited. Then I bought a 2 pack of these on the way to work:

And I did a quick test before I started work (so it wasn't first morning urine, which I know is better, especially if you are testing early.)

Unfortunately this is what I saw:


That is what I suspected. Although part of me is hoping I tested too early. Aunt Flo was due yesterday and has not shown up yet. So, I will wait until Saturday and test again if she does not visit. Honestly!


  1. This is a truly awesome blog. I want a baby someday. My man and I want to get married first... I think I am ready though to get this ball rolling! I was thinking ok, lets wait forever, but I want a little bumpkin!

  2. Stopping by from a mommy to 4 wee ones, I can relate to MANY of these posts!! LOL.

  3. I hope you just tested too early too!! Fingers crossed!

  4. Oh, not another mean pee stick....hope it was just a bit early. I can´t remember,but are you charting?

  5. I'm not charting, yet!