Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are you postive?

Yes, I´m positive I got a postive OPK today! whoot. Mr. Lillysaur and I have been timing it right, so I think we have a shot this month. I sure hope so.

My visit with the gynocologist on Monday went well. She took a good 15 minutes of her time or so to talk to me, which is unheard of in the patient/doctor world most of the time. Thank goodness I´m privately insured, because I´m sure that was a bit of extra incentive for her. Not that she wouldn´t otherwise take time for her patients.

We talked about my fears and how that might be affecting my fertility and future pregnancies, and we talked about my options. She seemed to understand without my saying so, that after TWO years of this, I´m ready for something to happen. She suggested that if I´m not back in her office knocked up in a couple of cycles that we should look at moving on to clomid to up the ante and some progesterone so thicken my lining and support implantation.

We talked about doing a lap, and she told me that she honestly would wait about 6 more months before moving on to that. She also told me she felt that a lap wouldn´t really tell us anything. I´m healthy and I´ve been pregnant several times. It´s still surgery, and there is still a risk that goes with it.

We talked about acupuncture and regulating my cycle. She offered to do three trial sessions for me to see how I like it and if it might be something for me. I went yesterday for my first one, and I have to say I think it did something. I don´t know what, but I felt very relaxed and very tired after it. I´m going back next week for the next session.

She asked me about my sports. Told me she thought I needed to get out more and do more sports, that that would help with the stress and help my body regulate itself. She even suggested a dog. Score. Mr. Lillysaur and I have been talking about this, and I´m glad she´s on my side! Maybe I can wear Mr. Lillysaur down slowly. He´s still convinced that as soon as we get a dog I´ll get knocked up and that a dog and a baby would be too much at one time. Sigh.

So for the moment Mr. Lillysaur and I are busy giving it our best, hoping things will shape up soon, and happy knowing that the gyno is on board with us, and ready to get that phone call as soon as I´m knocked up so she can make sure I don´t need anything.

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