Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hospital bag - What I used!

Hello! I promised to check back in with you all about what I used at this hospital... So here goes! Below is my original list, with notes after each item. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments section.

I think the biggest thing I can say about a hospital bag is that you never know what kind of labor you are going to have (I ended up being induced and having a c-section), so you need to be flexible and either plan for anything or be ready to send friends and/or family out for last-minute items.

Anyway, here goes!

  • Laptop with iTunes, complete with DH-created baby playlists (Also: charger! laptop bag!) -- This was essential! I am so glad we had great music to listen to the whole time. DH also bought some speakers to attach to our laptop so I could hear the music better. Loved it!
  • DVDs to watch on laptop -- Also key! We grabbed 3 dvds on our way out the door. We ended up watching one - "The Rookie." It was a great way to pass the time and take my mind off of the pain. Great movie too, made us cry!
  • Magazines (US, People) and easy reading books ("Lipstick Jungle") -- Just brought US magazines... But didn't read any. I have since read them while nursing. Only thing I read in the hospital were e-mails on DH's iPhone and hospital handouts/forms.
  • Baby Name Books ("Beyond Ava & Aiden," "Cool Names for Babies") -- We had decided on a name by then, so we left these at home.
  • "Breastfeeding Made Simple" & "What to Expect" books -- I think I left these at home too. I don't think I would have needed them, so I'm glad we left them.
  • Pen & notebook to write stuff down on -- I used both the pen AND notebook. The nurses kept asking me what TIME I last breast fed and how long on each side, so I got in the habit of writing that down. I also wrote down the time of a dirty diaper change and what type b/c the nurses asked that too.
  • Baby book with sheets for the baby's footprint (hospital told us to bring) -- I updated the baby book with details at the hospital, but since I had a c-section they did the footprints out of my sight and I was not able to get one for the book. But we got a "souvenir" birth certificate with prints.
  • Camera & charger -- Used this a TON! Essential!
  • Video camera & charger -- DH used this too, much to my chagrin. LOL.
  • Cell phones & chargers -- Essential!
  • Printed out Birth Plan with extra copies -- Gave one to my nurse, but it was already outdated since I was being induced. It was not necessary, but it was a good exercise for me to write. I did have key phone numbers on there that I referred to, so it was a good thing to compile.
  • List of numbers to call after birth: Insurance to add the baby, HR number to start maternity benefits, pediatrician number to make sure they check out baby; photographers to book newborn session asap... This was very helpful, as noted above! Our pediatrician did not show up within the first 24 hours, as they were supposed to, so I used this sheet to call them and the hospital had not notified them, so they sent someone asap. Glad I had the number handy!
  • Printed out call list: Who to call when we head to hospital; Who to call right after. DH handled this. Since I was induced, we didn't really need this...
  • E-mail lists have already been created and saved so DH can send out the news afterward -- This WOULD have been helpful if we had Internet access at the hospital! Doh! With no internet, DH updated both of our Facebook pages. But it was a couple days later when he was able to go home and send out the official e-mail from our computer.
  • Snacks for DH (and me after labor): Water, granola bars, cereal, nuts, chocolate, popcorn (there is a kitchen with microwave and fridge we can use) -- This was very helpful for DH during my labor. And I looked forward to having the popsicles, which I loved!
  • Snacks for me during labor: Popsicles, caramel candy (my Dr said OK) -- I had popsicles! Yum!
  • Hot/cold packs (right now they are stored in freezer) -- I was sooo hot (hormones) after the birth, so I used the cold packs then. They were nice, but not essential.
  • Electric heating pad -- Left this at home
  • Hot water bottle -- Left this at home
  • 2 wooden massage things -- Did not use
  • Tennis balls -- Left this at home
  • Exercise ball -- Did not use due to induction and c-section keeping me confined to bed. So here is a good thing to keep in mind: You won't know what type of birth you'll have, so be prepared for anything but flexible...
  • Lip balm -- Used this
  • Hair ties -- SO HELPFUL, also my little clips for fly-aways. I used an extra hair tie on my wrist to help me remember which breast I last fed from...
  • My own pillow(s) in bright red pillow cases so hospital won't take mine (not white pillowcases) -- SO GLAD I had my own pillow! The hospital one wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but my own pillow was very nice and comfy, plus it was good to use for nursing.
  • Socks that I don't mind getting yucky, think ones with rubber on bottom -- The hospital actually gave me socks with grippies, so I used theirs! I also got two pairs to take home and keep! Score!
  • House shoes to walk around the halls in -- VERY helpful!
  • Phone card to call my sister in Spain -- Did not need since she flew in to surprise me and was THERE!
  • Kleenex so I'll have the soft kind because DH is a crier. Heck, we all might cry... This was helpful but not essential
  • DH has a stopwatch on his iPhone -- Did not need since I never went into labor
  • Our wallets with health insurance cards & keys (this is on the list so we don't run out with our heads cut off and forget) -- Essential, duh! Note that you might need your ID to check in at the hospital. And you'll need a credit card to pay for anything in the cafeteria, a private room and/or nursing bras that you buy.
  • Directions to the hospital (already saved as a "favorite" on our car's GPS system!) -- Great to have it saved on our GPS!
  • Chicken Out Menu (it's close to the hospital) -- Did not need the menu, but we did send my parents there to pick up stuff!
  • Toiletries: toothbrush/paste; yummy Aveda shampoo/cond; razer; soap; lotion; hair brush; hand lotion; face lotion; body lotion (unscented); make-up; q-tips; hair dryer -- I used ALL of these items! ESSENTIAL! Especially make-up... It made me feel better!
  • My own bath and hand towel (hospital ones are thin and yucky) & bath robe -- ESSENTIAL! Their towels were TINY! Definitely needed my own towel and hand towel.
  • Plastic flip-flops for shower (lots of yucky stuff have been in those showers!) -- ESSENTIAL!
  • Nursing bra (from Motherhood Maternity) -- Wore this home but did not need since they come around and sell nursing bras while you are in the hospital and I bought two.
  • Sleep bra (from Motherhood Maternity) -- VERY helpful since my ladies were SORE!
  • Nursing gown & robe OR Nursing top, with pj pants & robe (from Motherhood Maternity) -- VERY HELPFUL! ESSENTIAL! All you do in the hospital is breast feed, so the nursing gown and robe was KEY! Since I had a c-section, the pj pants were NOT comfortable due to my incision. So my mom went out and bought me another nursing gown, which was the only thing I could wear.
  • Boppy nursing pillow (already washed slipcover) -- Used this, but it was not essential.
  • Lanolin, nursing pads, maxi pads (just in case I don't like the hospital brand stuff) -- Not needed since the hospital provided stuff was fine.
  • Granny panties (I actually really like the Medala ones...) -- The granny panties I brought were low riders, so I could not wear them after a c-section. I used the hospital disposable ones and my mom went and bought REAL granny panties for me to wear home and after the hospital, although I did get a whole stack of the disposables to take home... (I had Always pads with wings at home, which was KEY! The hospital pads are thick and no wings. Ugg!)
  • Comfy clothes to wear home (black yoga pants, black nursing top: theory is that black makes you look thin... And baby's outfit is all white) -- I did wore exactly this home!
  • Baby outfit to wear home: kimono top, matching pants, hat, blanket, mitts (Margery Ellen -- already washed) -- Alexa wore her outfit home! Although it was a bit big on here and her pants came up to her armpits! We still have not used the mitts tho... She hasn't really scratched her face. Maybe this is a case by case thing.
  • Swaddle blanket & receiving blanket (already washed) -- Used the blanket that matched her going home outfit and thenused a swaddle blanket to make a head cushion in the car seat.
  • Pacifier & clip (optional) -- She won't take it, so in our case, it was not used...
  • Burp cloths (already washed) -- Helpful to have at least one for the car ride home.
  • Diaper bag & some extra diapers, wipes, etc. -- I was glad I had my diaper bag because it's pretty and made me feel pretty to carry it, but I did not need it or any diapers or wipes because the hospital gave us plenty
  • Car seat (already installed in car) -- ESSENTIAL!
  • Neck pillow for car seat (or use swaddle blankets, which is actually what the car seat police told us to do) -- We used a swaddle blanket, rolled up
  • Mirror in car to see baby (installed) -- Used this!
  • Sunshade in car next to car seat (installed) -- Used this too!
  • DH bag (he should bring his own towel too, and pillow and change of clothes...) -- He used all his stuff!

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  1. Yeah, your bag is very much the same I took to hospital during my time, I don't think there is anything you have forgotton! Good Job gal!